The Second of the Great Migrations was the largest and affected all the non-humanoids barring the Zanaryans (who had already moved to Zanarya?).

It was the result of centuries of prejudice and strife as humans chafed at having to share their world with Xanth's creations, leading to a mass exodus of non-humans to Elysia? in circa 6,300 XA (1,700 BC).

Some non-humans chose to remain on Earth? (Therians, Nymphs and Dracovari especially) as they were at that time able to hide themselves in remote areas. However, as time passed and human civilisation expanded, these areas shrank in both size and number. Eventually, only the more urban-minded Dracovari were left and the majority of those were centred around their sanctuary in Paris?, but even they ultimately were forced to leave Earth altogether.