6,300 XA Tensions between Humans and non-humans have escalated beyond endurance.
Xanth creates Elysia?, triggering the Second Migration
Xanth relocates the Cloud Palace? to the Dusky Mountains? at the request of the Archon. All temples are also relocated.
Peace reigns between the Anyeli factions for 33 years.
The Age of Discovery begins in Elysia.
6,318 XA Alexandria? is founded.
6,333 XA War breaks out between the Anyeli factions again.
Hesia? is founded.
6,400 XA Nymphs begin to claim the Fae Forest?.
6,543 XA Kyriake? is founded.
6,678 XA The Fae Tree? has become integral to Sylvan ceremonies.
6,700 XA The Mithril Age begins in Elysia.
6,782 XA Nymphs discover the demesne bond.
6,918 XA The Hesian Invasions? begin.