9,002 XA Nubia? founded.
9,194 XA The first settlers arrive on Dardanos?.
9,300 XA The Crystal Age begins in Elysia.
9,370 XA The Hundred Year War begins.
9,434 XA Reixos? becomes the fifth Zanaryan? nation.
9,468 XA The Hundred Year War ends.
9,472 XA Ilia? becomes the sixth Zanaryan? nation.
9,487 XA The Celene? massacres begin.
9,512 XA The Celene? massacres end.
9,656 XA The Dardanian? town of Marport? is founded.
9,703 XA Zanarya's? portal connects to Elysia?.
9,726 XA The Anyeli agree to another cease-fire.
9,750 XA The Rowan Caverns? are complete.
9,782 XA Aingeal? saves Daphne Argyros? from predators.
9,787 XA The War of the Dragon begins.
9,791 XA Dimitri's War comes to a bloody end.
9,794 XA Daphne Argyros? becomes the youngest elected elder of Silas?.
9,798 XA Aingeal? returns to defend Silas? against a hydra.
9,812 XA Dazadi Dacre replaces Dimitri Koraceb? as Xanth's Aide.
9,902 XA The Anyeli cease-fire ends.
Sylope King and Kiril Lokinos become Aides?.
9,982 XA Negotiations begin between the Dracovari and the dragons of Nirim?.
9,988 XA Construction begins on the White City?.
9,996 XA The Third Migration commences.