Nara? was one of the many Losian? cities destroyed during the course of the Hundred Year War. The city went up in flames in the year of 8,117 ZT?, leaving the city in ruins and its citizens without a home after burning for two days. What set it apart from the other burned-down cities, however, was that its destruction was not only the result of external forces, but also due to negligence.

The cause of the fire was traced to a large store of untreated coalwood? that had been let in the enclosed and humid basement of a carpenter's workshop. The wood spontaneously combusted, and within seconds an explosion had burst up the basement stairs. The flames quickly engulfed the building and then spread throughout the neighbourhood. Exacerbating the fire was the presence of marsh gasses, which similarly caught fire, and close clustering of buildings, which gave fire-fighters extremely poor access to the flames.

The fire grew in size and advanced steadily through the densely packed city. It would take two whole days for Nara's Mariid to put it out, and by then most of the city's infrastructure and buildings were damaged, if not utterly destroyed.

All this was only discovered in 8,721 ZT, more than 5 centuries after the actual incident, when there was an independent investigation into the demise of Los' lost cities. A law was passed three years later regulating the storage and treatment of coalwood. Greater Coalwood products are now required to have a layer of finish, and handlers are encouraged to engrave the material to further reduce the chances of spontaneous combustion. Stores of coalwood are also subject to checks and audits by city officials, with a costly penalty for breaking these laws.

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