Before Penteminas 25, 8,814 XA?, there were three Therian clans: the Sylvan?, the Rowan? and the Prota?. The Próta were one of the largest clans and was quickly growing. They resided on the far western side of Fae Forest? in a place called Skia Glades? so as not to be too close to the Sylvan territories.

The Próta clan was proud of its heritage. Its chieftain, Baldr?, and his cousin, Bragi?, were both direct descendants of the first Therians. They were honorable, but with that honor came hot tempers. The Próta were beginning to realize that they were clashing more and more. The clan members all had different views and ideas but they could not find a way to work it out. At first it was only little arguments that Baldr could easily smooth out; a few ruffled feathers but nothing as big as it would warrant concern. However, the clan was beginning to crumble apart from the inside. Even he and Bragi were beginning to quarrel more often.

It was when the first few physical fights between clan members broke out that Baldr began to worry. It started out small at first: A few families here and there would just be gone one day with only a faint scent trail. Reluctantly, Baldr encouraged the migration by breaking the clan into four smaller groups: the Equine? and Rapolo? for his and Bragi’s children, and then the Polemistis? and Eirini? for those who had different views on how they should live. By the end of the second year, Próta was just a faint but proud memory.