For centuries, Dracovarian diplomats attempted to bridge the gap between their own species and the dragons who had "fathered" them. Ostensibly, their many approaches were for purely cultural purposes, but their requests for access to Nirim? were always turned away for fear of history repeating itself.

As human civilisations on Earth? grew too large and sophisticated for the Dracovari to remain hidden there, the issue became more than just a question of territory so Xanth's Aides (specifically Kiril Lokinos and Sylope King?) got involved.

Finally managing to convince the dragons of the dangers of leaving their brethren on Earth?, and that providing a space for them on Nirim? was to their own benefit, the Aides were able to facilitate further talks that led to the founding of the White City? in 10,000 XA (2000 AD).

The city didn't open to the general public until 10,006 XA (2006 AD), but it was immediately flooded with immigrants. Not all of the Dracovari chose to live there, moving to Elysia? instead, but the available residences quickly filled up nevertheless.

Some 'Vari from Elysia? also decided to make the move to Nirim?, but the dragons were more resistant to their arrival. They had allowed the building of a city only for refugees, after all.