Elysia is only 3,712 years old but non-humans have been around much longer. Elysian history dates back twelve thousand years to Xanth's Arrival in 8000 BC.

0-30 XA Humans have been growing increasingly suspicious and aggressive toward the Dragons.
Xanth, the Creator, arrives on Earth? (XA calendar begins). Danyel is the first man to witness her powers and declares her a god.
30-100 XA Skirmishes between Dragons and Humans break out, bringing the threat of war.
The first draconic experiments in taking human form begin, leading to the Great Split.
Danyel founds the Priesthood of Xanth?.
100-300 XA Despite their best efforts, the Dragons are unable to make peace with Humans.
Xanth creates Nirim?, triggering the First Migration.
The Priesthood of Xanth? builds the first temple dedicated to Xanth.
The Time of Strife, a period of the Dragon Calendar which predates Elysian history, ends and the Time of First Peace begins.
300-500 XA Xanth creates the Book of Days? to record history.
The first Dracovari appear on Earth?.
500-900 XA The first Anyeli appear in what is now Greece. Seen as children of the gods, they are revered by most Humans.
926 XA The Anyeli Calendar (XA?) begins, back-dated to Xanth's arrival.
1,000 XA Xanth creates the Zanaryans. They are judged as demons and shunned by Humans.
1,060 XA The Zanaryan Calendar (ZT?) begins.
1,200 XA Marginalised and feared, the Zanaryans beg Xanth for assistance. She creates Zanarya? and they flee from Earth, cutting off all contact.
1,300 XA The Anyeli form a united Empire?.
1,800 XA The first Nymphs appear in what is now Greece.
1,873 XA The Skotadi faction splits from the Anyeli.
2,000 XA The Anyeli Civil War begins.
2,322 XA Nymphs discover elemental manipulation?.
2,500 XA Xanth bids the Anyeli commence work on a palace in hopes of bringing the factions together.
The Anyeli agree to a cease-fire.
2,600 XA Construction on the Cloud Palace? is complete.
The Anyeli Civil War recommences.
2,803 XA The Elemental War? begins.
2,987 XA The Elemental War? ends.
Nymphs begin to follow the Sylvan Creed?.
4,405 XA The Sidhe become a subculture of the Nymphs.
5,498 XA Nymphs discover the companion bond.
6,300 XA Tensions between Humans and non-humans have escalated beyond endurance.
Xanth creates Elysia?, triggering the Second Migration
Xanth relocates the Cloud Palace? to the Dusky Mountains? at the request of the Archon. All temples are also relocated.
Peace reigns between the Anyeli factions for 33 years.
The Age of Discovery begins in Elysia.
6,318 XA Alexandria? is founded.
6,333 XA War breaks out between the Anyeli factions again.
Hesia? is founded.
6,400 XA Nymphs begin to claim the Fae Forest?.
6,543 XA Kyriake? is founded.
6,678 XA The Fae Tree? has become integral to Sylvan ceremonies.
6,700 XA The Mithril Age begins in Elysia.
6,782 XA Nymphs discover the demesne bond.
6,918 XA The Hesian Invasions? begin.
7,102 XA Kyriake? declares itself independent of the Anyeli Empire?.
7,239 XA Phiore? is founded.
7,406 XA Sequoia Village? founded.
7,947 XA Namiko Akakios becomes Xanth's first Aide.
8,402 XA The Anyeli factions agree to a new cease-fire.
8,509 XA Xanth attempts to resurrect Namiko Akakios's Lifemate?, Isolde?. Instead, she creates the first Vampire.
Isolde spreads chaos and bloodshed along with the BloodLust Virus? across Elysia?, creating the Scourge and starting the first of the Scourge Wars. Namiko is forced to destroy his lifemate and flees Elysia in grief.
8,510 XA Conor Flyn? infects a wolf with the BloodLust Virus? as it gives birth, creating the first Hind and Therians.
The Hind sweeps a bloody path across the continent but is destroyed by Xanth, who then wipes all knowledge of the beast and its attack from memory.
The first Therians appear.
8,511 XA Silas? is founded near the shores of Lake Bethesda? by Nymph survivors of the Scourge Wars.
8,512 XA Serendipity? is founded.
8,562 XA The first shadowkin, Spiridon Constantinides?, is born of Leentje Garis? and Makar Constantinides?.
8,589 XA The Scourge Wars end. Vampires evolve from the remaining Scourge.
8,650 XA Nymphs grant Therians sanctuary in the Fae Forest?.
The Anyeli Civil War recommences after nearly 100 years of ceasefire.
8,750 XA The Rowan Caverns? are dug out and gradually extended over the next 100 years.
8,814 XA Espur? is founded.
8,977 XA Dimitri Koraceb? replaces Namiko as Xanth's Aide. He plots world domination behind her back.
9,002 XA Nubia? founded.
9,194 XA The first settlers arrive on Dardanos?.
9,300 XA The Crystal Age begins in Elysia.
9,370 XA The Hundred Year War begins.
9,434 XA Reixos? becomes the fifth Zanaryan? nation.
9,468 XA The Hundred Year War ends.
9,472 XA Ilia? becomes the sixth Zanaryan? nation.
9,487 XA The Celene? massacres begin.
9,512 XA The Celene? massacres end.
9,656 XA The Dardanian? town of Marport? is founded.
9,703 XA Zanarya's? portal connects to Elysia?.
9,726 XA The Anyeli agree to another cease-fire.
9,750 XA The Rowan Caverns? are complete.
9,782 XA Aingeal? saves Daphne Argyros? from predators.
9,787 XA The War of the Dragon begins.
9,791 XA Dimitri's War comes to a bloody end.
9,794 XA Daphne Argyros? becomes the youngest elected elder of Silas?.
9,798 XA Aingeal? returns to defend Silas? against a hydra.
9,812 XA Dazadi Dacre replaces Dimitri Koraceb? as Xanth's Aide.
9,902 XA The Anyeli cease-fire ends.
Sylope King and Kiril Lokinos become Aides?.
9,982 XA Negotiations begin between the Dracovari and the dragons of Nirim?.
9,988 XA Construction begins on the White City?.
9,996 XA The Third Migration commences.
10,001 XA The White City? is officially founded.
Nirim? opens its portal to the general public.
10,006 XA EF opened in June 2006. Most of Elysia's history since then has been roleplayed. The timeline from 2006 is by year and month for more detail.
10,006 XA
Sylope King and Kiril Lokinos return as Xanth's Aides.
A second Hind causes chaos. Xanth does not wipe out memory of the Hind this time.
10,006 XA
Chenoan Cirocco is blackmailed into becoming an Aide.
10,006 XA
Sylope King disappears once more, this time without a trace.
Namiko Akakios returns as an Aide during the "Brave Acantha" plot, which also sees the introduction of khimaira to Elysia?.
10,007 XA
Nymphadora Makani becomes an Aide.
10,007 XA
After a scorpion? swarm has destroyed the Great Cactus? encampment, a massive flood hits the Scorpion Desert?.
Kiril Lokinos and Namiko Akakios retire as Xanth's Aide.
Xanth gains an ally in Evischoul?, the Vicious.
Suka Matali officially replaces Dazadi Rhea as Archon of the Anyeli Empire?.
10,007 XA
Chenoan Cirocco retires as Xanth's Aide.
10,007 XA
Aurorra? visits Elysia?.
10,008 XA
Archon Suka Matali leads the Anyeli into a new cease-fire.
10,008 XA
Evischoul? leaves Elysia?. Nymphadora Makani goes with him, leaving Xanth with just one Aide for the first time in decades.
10,009 XA
A group of heroes enters the Fae Forest? to help a Nymph in need.
10,009 XA
Persephone Anderton? replaces Suka Matali as Archon of the Anyeli Empire? after an assassination attempt. Suka is presumed dead.
10,010 XA
A murder triggers the Great Vampire Hunt in Alexshire?.
10,011 XA
The Anorian Expedition sets off from Espur?.
10,011 XA
The Anyeli are once more at war.
10,011 XA
Negotiations open between Zanaryan? and Elysian? merchants.
10,011 XA
The Voice of Xanth begins petitioning various city councils to rebuild temples.
10,011 XA
The ruins of Dionica? are discovered.
10,012 XA
The Voice of Xanth explores the ruins of Dionica?.
10,012 XA
Hesia? sets aside land for new shrines.
10,012 XA
Xanth and Dananka? meet on Earth? to discuss a mysterious deal.