On Erimis 3, 10,012 XA?, a massive quake rippled out across Elysia? and her sister realms. The shockwaves covered the globe and pervaded into Zanarya? and Nirim?, making it difficult to determine the epicentre. The cause is unknown, though theories suggest Xanth was the culprit.

The worst of the destruction occurred in Alexandria? around the Portal Plaza?. However, the damage was widespread, and the quake caused a tsunami to hit the Ao Coast? where many ships and settlements, including Espur? and Marport?, were devastated. By Tesseminas of 10,012 XA, much of the debris had been cleared away but the majority of buildings were still awaiting repairs or condemned by The Builders?.

Likewise, many private ships were struggling as shipwrights prioritised the Espurian and Marportian naval fleets over those of merchants and privateers.

Those already blaming Xanth for the quake began to question her motives as a goddess. As cults were already growing up around discovery of a new god?, those with doubts began to sway further from the Xanthian religions. The Voice of Xanth struggled to defend the Creator, a job made easier when she was sighted in the quadrangle rebuilding the last shrine?.