The Palace of Mirrors is a book of poetry written by Georj Lee Roy?, a Vampire who was formerly a human during his youth. The titular poem was inspired by his turning and is the fifth poem in the collection which is arranged from the days of his "human innocence" to his later years where he has settled as a vampire. In spite of this progression, the themes of the poems are much the same: anxiety, contempt and solemnity.

Because of Roy's vampirism, the book was not properly received by many other races (most especially the Therians) and some have even gone so far as to condemn the book and declare it an underhanded manner to woo other races into sympathy with the vampires, especially after it was known that the vampires themselves consider this book a treasure for their race for its truthful depiction of their woes. But in spite of all this, it has received moderate success although very little of it can now be seen for public consumption.

Three years after its release, Roy was rumored to be writing a second collection of poems. However, the book was never produced and it was later found that the poet himself has disappeared without a shred of evidence as to his whereabouts.

Until now, no one has heard or seen anything of him.