Quakes of the Heart is a melodrama written by the Therian, Samina Loom?. It was released to the public in 10,000XA? and has met split opinions from its readers, one side praising it to the high heavens and the other declaring it the greatest waste of ink and paper yet, which only fuelled the fire and invited more readers to judge the piece.

The story takes place fifty years before its publication and is narrated by a young Therian girl who lives in the modern world. Through her, the story of her mother and her lost love is told while snippets of her life with her father are interjected throughout the prose. As the novel progresses, it is discovered that her mother had died just a year before the book's writing of an unknown disease, and that her former lover, a Nereid Sidhe, fathered the main character's half-brother whom she later takes into her and her father's custody.

While the literature displays a steady pacing of events, some of its readers deem its dramatic moments too exaggerated for realism. True enough, many of such scenes are filled with characters bawling or on their knees, or the Therian mother and her former lover reciting love poems to each other tearfully. However, it is exactly these scenes that have lured many of its good reviews.

Rumors have it that Loom is writing a spin-off of the novel from her home in the Fae Forest?.