"Queen Lugos and the Flaming Tiara" -- or in some translations, "Queen Lugos and the Tiara of Fire" or "Queen Lugos and the Crown of Fire" is a short story written by Victor J. Rowse, real name Jane Victoria Rowse. Although the original draft was dated 48 years ago, it was released to the public only three years later and enjoyed an ample popularity among its reader and critics. Five years later, it was translated into a play which ran for a year and a half.

In the story, a fictional Queen Lugos, a Nereid living deep within Mount Lugos in Dardanos? (which became the source of her name), rules among the Dardanian mountains and is said to be seated on top of a cave of treasures. One day, a common thief named Wudrick made off with her favorite jewelry, the Flaming Tiara, and in her anger, the queen had incinerated the settlement of Aischylos? (the real event being the main inspiration of this story).

Lugos orders her soldiers to scour through the ashes for her precious tiara until a small band of survivors capture her and intend to kill her for her destruction. Wudrick -- who apparently is not a native -- comes out to return the tiara and beg the survivors to spare the queen and to take him instead. This would have been a fine arrangement if Xanth herself had not interrupted the bloody trade and ordered Queen Lugos instead to help build a new Aischylos with the survivors, and for Wudrick to serve her until he has born his great grandchildren.

With the goddess' help, the characters in the story learn to accept their errors, forgive and forget and work for a better future. True to Xanth's commands, an old Lugos releases Wudrick when his great grandsons are born and retires from her duties, leaving her daughter, Wudrick's cousin-in-law, to take her place. Wudrick moves his entire clan to the new Aischylos and lives a peaceful and honest life there until the day he dies.