Flutter near, flutter near,
Let me tell the tale of Spinifere
A dainty young nymph
Born in the corners of Fae
In a village called Phiore

A talent or a curse
She would move all day

Spin, Spin,
Dance all day
Spin, Spin
Dance all night

Wherever she spun
Flowers would grow
Wherever she danced
Life danced also

Xanth's little ballerina
Casting the world's glow
Without tiring

Then one day
She became tired of dancing
She had danced all day
Danced all night
Spun endlessly all her life

A field of flowers she collapsed into
And her graceful body
A heartfelt smile on her face
For she had lived her life
Bringing only happiness to nature

Approach the field now
Where flowers bloom in spring
Where flowers sing in winter
Look closely
And you will see the light of Spinifere:

Spin, Spin,
Dance all day
Spin, Spin,
Dancing all night!