"The Castor Rebellion" is the only novel written by Joe Morris, a Terran who moved to Elysia to marry Dracovarian wife Iya Louise Kutzel.

Published in 7786XA, it is an epic fiction about a human named Randolf Castor who led the Elysians to a war against a tyrannic god that remained unnamed throughout the story. It was praised for its intense plot and captivating prose and more so by those devoted to Xanth who was said to be depicted there as a brave female Anyelos-Therian who led majority of the campaign to a victory. This female warrior, named Xenasia, was also said to be kind to skotados and vampires alike and is devoted to her adopted Dracovarian brother.

Although now a staple in the libraries and a required reading for the devotees, the novel did not attain much success during Morris' lifetime who died shortly after he released his epic. It was the efforts of his wife, Iya, who helped bring it to its current standing as testament to her husband's life. Rumors are also circulating that their son, Josef Kutzel Morris, a writer in Griffin Weekly, is presently writing a sequel to his father's masterpiece.