The true origins of the Myth of Mátaii have long been lost to history, although it is believed to have originated from an Anyeli, possibly a scholar from the Cloud Palace?. There are several variations on the myth, but all feature the Anyeli hero Mátaii, who – according to the story – endeavoured to fly to a mysterious tower on a hidden island to reach the precious treasure hidden there; only to be buffeted back by unnaturally strong winds before he could reach it. Every day Mátaii flew to the island; every day he was buffeted back by the wind, so much so that by the end of each day he had made no progress despite his constant efforts. Mátaii - so says the myth - never gave up in his attempt to reach the island. He was always unsuccessful and eventually died of exhaustion, dropping from the skies into the ocean below.

Several versions of the myth have been perpetuated, with the main variation being the reason for Mátaii’s quest. The myth is particularly popular with those involved in the Anyeli Civil War, who claim that Mátaii was attempting to reach the island on behalf of his faction leader, in order to reach some precious documents, a powerful weapon or an important figure. Both factions use the tale as an example of the unswerving dedication they expect their fledglings to aspire to – for this reason, the colour of Mátaii’s wings is never a constant, and changes depending on who tells the story.

Another popular version of the myth depicts Mátaii as a thief, which explains a certain phrase (“Mátaii Treasure”) one might hear about any item that is unreasonably difficult to procure. There is one version of this myth, claimed by many to be the original, that details Mátaii’s trials in a piece of prose some twenty thousand words long. This version features an antagonist in the form of a wealthy, secretive Zanaryan named Zhizavrós, who hides from Mátaii in a tower on the island, and it is he who summons the strong winds that buffet Mátaii away. This version is not so popular, as it highlights a tension between the two races featured.

Similarities between Earth’s Myth of Sisyphus and the Myth of Mátaii have been noted by scholars, as have the many moral messages that can be derived from the tale, particularly those that revolve around the philosophy of the absurd.