"The Unexplored" is known to be the most successful novel of G.H. Kaslov and was his last novel before his death in 9992 XA. First published in 9989 XA, it was set during a time where the Elysian Undergrounds were recently discovered. The story is about orphaned twins Mythos and Kaillos who go deeper down the Undergrounds into a place called the Elysian Nevergrounds -- a mythical land said to exist beneath the Undergrounds.

While the novel was praised for its outstanding narratives and was well-loved by children for its adventure and magic, the version which is published now is actually considered as a "cleaned" version of the original copy which heavily involved child slavery. Although unconfirmed, it is rumored that this was inspired from G.H. Kaslov's own romantic experiences with actor Phoebus Johns who, according to gossips, was his kept boy during his minor years.

To date, the accepted version of the novel is still being sold in bookstores, although for the original version, one will have to look in the library or the expensive black market.