The Vagrantos is a four-part novel that talks about the rise and fall of a wealthy Dracovarian family, the Vagrantos. The books were written by Ross Zaldos?, a Therian, in 9,976 XA? when he was inspired by an old family in Dracovarian history. The book begins in the eyes of James Vagranto during his youth in the fields owned by a Dracovarian politician. Through hard work and his innate good character, Vagranto rose to be the captain of the field hands and became equals with his employer, who soon gave him his own land after he married his daughter -- much to the fury of the late employer's nephew, Sander Caston.

The conflict between the Vagrantos and the Castons -- and soon more families such as the Taskels, the Daras, and the Namaras -- becomes the main vessel of narration throughout the four books. James later dies in a plague, and the mantel of the Vagrantos passes down to his son, his grandson and his other descendents. The entire novel ends with the Vagrantos in ruins, but the Castons are wiped out by the last male descendant of the Vagranto line in an epic battle to the death with knives. In the epilogue, it is known that he married a woman of the Dara clan, and from there would begin to rebuild the reputation of his family.

Although thought to be slow, dragging, and at many times uneventful, the novel proved to be widely admired by its critiquers and most especially by the Voice of Xanth for all the praise it gave Xanth and her creations. The Vagrantos is still found in many of the bigger libraries around Elysia?.