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The Winds of Nubia is the only novel completed by human author, Sam Marbady?, and was released in 9,948 XA?. It tells the story of a young Sidhe Dryad by the name of Gilbert Katai and his life on a quiet piece of farmland in Nubia?. The book opens with a description of him gazing across his fields from the roof of his small cottage, where he begins to narrate his childhood as the assistant of his uncle, who owned the piece of land before he inherited it.

Much of the book is filled with Gilbert's observations, contemplations, anecdotes, in-depth profiles of the characters he meets along the way and plagues, famine, a war, the death of his first love, a nereid sidhe, and subsequently, victories over his land ownership, scenes of miraculous healing, a bountiful produce and the birth of his son by a nyad nymph, his second love, become the vehicles of his monologue. As the book ends, it is found that he recollects his life in the farmland as he prepares to leave it for home.

The opinions of the critiques on the novel are split. Some praise it for its steady plot, its deep reflections and some go so far as to declare that it provokes some thinking for the readers, but others find the novel a waste of time or an unnecessary text to read; many of these critiques also have poor opinions on the status of humans. Still, the book remains to be seen in the bigger libraries of Elysia? and enjoys a moderate success of being borrowed out of the walls.