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Ursula Weltonburg is a tragic novel written in 9,980 XA? by human Janice Girth?. The premise of the novel is simple and is quite reflective of Janice's own life. It tells the story of a human woman named Ursula Weltonburg, who was orphaned at a young age after her family was killed in a house fire. With no living relatives, she is left in an orphanage ran by a cruel Therian woman who seems to enjoy punishing her for juvenile acts she did not commit or that her non-human friends blamed on her. She escapes one stormy night before the Therian woman can confine her in the dog house and finds work as the servant of a powerful Anyeli family.

There, she meets the wicked Skotados daughter, the bedridden master of the house, and his wife, who is powerless to the same daughter. The Skotados son develops a liking for Ursula but is also unkind, blackmailing her to return his affections and even forcefully coercing her to sleep with him. Her rescue from this cruel life comes in the form of the Dracovarian, Andray Lerry, who is the best friend of the son. The story ends in a swordfight that leaves Andray wounded and bleeding and the Skotados dead. Ursula flees with her saviour and they make a new life before the book ends.

While critiques cannot deny Girth's talent in writing, as well as the amount of realism ingrained in the details of the setting, many complaints have been made of the choice of characters and personalities -- which is to say that many of them are not agreeable to a human heroine and the prejudiced treatment of them against Ursula, and vice versa. Later, it was discovered that this cruelty was loosely based on Girth's own relationship with her Apali parents-in-law and her Therian employer, who treat her poorly her for being human, although she remains to have the love and support of her husband and raises two hybrids with him.

The opinions of this book are very mixed: some people do not openly admit to enjoying the book and some humans have come to be ashamed of it.