The application process is probably self-explanatory, but if you're unfamiliar with forum-based RPGs, then this guide should help.

How many characters can I have? -- Answered in the Character FAQ!

A Note on Re-Applying

If your character was established or created prior to September 8th, 2009, you will need to re-apply under the new Skill System and application process.

Because there have been some pretty big changes to the available Skills & Powers, and because those changes can have a heavy influence on characters, we are allowing members to make fitting changes to their profiles, from editing their race and class, to updating their background and history. These changes are available so that you're not stuck with a character you can't play, but should only be in areas affected by the site updates. (For instance, if you decide to change your Nymph to a Rutilus, then you can turn your petite blue-eyed blonde into a hulking red-eyed brunette just to stay in keeping with the racial profiles.)

Until your character is re-approved under the new system, however, you will not be able to post in any of the in-character areas. We apologise for this inconvenience, but the changes are simply too big for our members to ignore.

Thank you for your patience. :)

Application Process

  1. Fill out the application template in a word processor such as Microsoft Word, Word Pad or Open Office. (You could just do this on the forums, but if you run into connection issues or glitches, you may lose your hard work so we recommend doing it on your hard drive first.)
  2. Please make sure you check your application for grammar and spelling mistakes as well as typos and other such errors. EF is open to roleplayers of all levels of experience, but we expect our members to do their best. We also expect posts, both in and out of character, to be legible and make sense.
    • It's usually best to read your application out loud to yourself, since this forces you to recognise mistakes you'd otherwise miss.
    • While you're doing this, preview your profile to check for any coding errors (don't worry if you're not code-savvy; Emma's? usually on hand to fix problems if you ask her).
  3. Remember to give your character weaknesses and flaws. We don't accept Mary Sues or any other characters that are clearly too perfect or too powerful.
  4. Once you've filled out all the necessary bits, post your completed form in our Characters board, making sure that the thread title is the full given name of your character (eg. "Piper Kin") and that the topic description includes their species and subgroups (eg. "Bonded Rutilus Dracovari").
    • You'll automatically receive ΞΆ250 for posting your application. This constitutes your start-up funds, so try not to spend it all at once. ;)
  5. Once you've posted your application, an admin will review it as soon as possible. We never reject applications but we do expect your character to conform to our world setting and we'll work with you to make sure that's the case if your profile needs to be edited.
    • While you wait for your application to be approved, you can post in most of our out-of-character boards and the shoutbox, so you can get to know our members and maybe read a few of the recent threads to catch up on what's been going on. :)
  6. Once you've made any necessary edits, contact the admin who's been dealing with your application by private message to let them know, and they'll review your character's profile again.
  7. Once your application is approved, the admin will confirm your character's skills, set up your account permissions so you can start to roleplay, and move your application to the Journals board.
  8. You are now free to claim stuff! (You'll probably not need these right away, but I've listed them for you just in case.)
  9. You are now also free, and welcome, to roleplay! :D
    • Characters that haven't been established within a month of being approved are archived (by "established" we mean characters that have never made an in-character post, or profiles that haven't been completed). You can still work on your application while it's there, but you'll need to PM an admin when your application is finished so they can move it back to the Characters board and review it for approval.
    • Characters that haven't been established within three months of being approved will be deleted, but the applications themselves are always kept so you can come back to them if you wish (though you'll need to recreate the character's account and repost the profile with it). However, if you leave too many unfinished, you may be barred from creating more.

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