Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how to join. :)

  1. Prior to Joining
    • Make sure you've read all the essentials listed in the Getting Started guide, and try to read the suggested list, too. The more you read about our world, the more you'll understand what we're about and the easier you'll find integrating yourself and your character. ;)
  2. Account Registration
  3. Character Creation
  4. Make Your Claims
    • Once your application has been approved, you'll need to make any claims and purchases as your application requires. (Application Process)
  5. Roleplay!
    • Now your account's been set up and your character's been approved, you can start to roleplay! :D We recommend trying to join existing threads at first, rather than creating your own, so you can get to know the other members and their characters and get comfortable with the kind of RP that goes on here. :)
    • If you're looking for threads to hop into, you have a couple of options.
      • You can post a thread in the Roleplay Directory to keep a track of your open threads. Members can post here to request threads with you, or you can post to others' threads if you'd like to roleplay with them.
      • You can also post a "roleplay wanted" ad in the Plotting Board, either requesting general RP with anyone who's interested, or help with a specific plot you'd like to RP. You can ask for people to help play NPCs? in your threads, too, or advertise open threads.
      • If you want to roleplay with someone in particular, you can contact them by Private Message by clicking on the "Send Message" envelope under their avatar or in their mini profile (click the popup icon anywhere on the board).
      • Finally, and probably the best method for immediate plotting, is our shoutbox. :) It can get confusing in there if there's a lot of chatting going on, but it's brilliant for instant plottage. :D
    • If you'd like to start your own thread, you're very welcome to do so! First, though, I'd suggest reading The Mystery of Open Threads by dinn of RPG-D, and familiarising yourself with the other characters on EF so you can try to start a thread that others are more likely to join.

Further Reading

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