There are dozens of shops across the Known Realms that your characters can shop at (purely in-character), but there are also character-owned shops (called "usershops") that offer more roleplaying opportunities as well as a (fairly) regular income to their owners while providing characters with a variety of goods.

Shop Rules & Notes

  • All shop transactions should be in character. This means that if you want to buy something for your character, that character should roleplay a visit to the shop in question.
    • If your character really won't visit a shop (or doing so would be detrimental to their health) but you still want to make a purchase from an art shop, you can ask the store's owner for an out-of-character transaction via PM instead.
    • Alternatively, if the items are listed, you can buy them from the Prize Shop instead. However, we would rather you buy from a usershop, since some characters rely on that income.
    • See the notes on Art Shop Inactivity for more exemptions.
    • If you want a shop but your character doesn't have the means or motivation to run one, you can have an NPC? own it instead. However, your character must work there at least part time.

Creating a Usershop

Requirements & Rules

  • You must have been an active member? for at least one month in order to open a store.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of similar shops. However, the prices should reflect the in-character market (eg. two pet stores selling unicorns should not have one priced at ζ100 and one at ζ1000). Competition can be healthy but please be reasonable about it.
  • Keep your shop active and be involved! Don't just open a store then forget about it. This is your character's livelihood, after all!
  • We reserve the right to ask you to edit your stock, prices and/or shop description/location for any reason, but we endeavour not to be busy-bodies. That said, we will consult on prices and offerings if you need ideas or help.
  • Please note that shops should not all be located in New Alexandria? or Alexshire?. In fact, we strongly encourage you to set up business in any of the other Elysian? towns. There are at least two other major cities (Espur? and Nubia?) to choose from if you're worried about not getting enough customers, and at least Espur? is available directly via portal for easy access to several populations. ;)
  • You can't claim twice for the same income, so if you own a store that sells furniture you make, then you shouldn't claim a salary as a shop assistant or carpenter. However, you can own a shop and take a separate job as long as your character realistically has the time to do both.

How to

  1. First, you need to decide which type of store you want to open.
    • Art Shop

      If you make graphics, journal layouts, fanart or anything that requires actual effort on your part out of character, then it's considered to be an art shop. They can be the easiest to set up initially but a bit work-intensive during busier seasons. They're probably the most profitable in the long-run, and can be located almost anywhere in Elysia? (depending on required materials and your character's clientele) but you do need some sort of artistic ability.

      Please note that art shops are completely in character, so you should try to find an in-character way to explain what it is your character sells. (A good example is Piper's Boutique, where I explain my selling out-of-character graphics and layouts as Piper's selling in-character "prints" so there's no OOC jarring).

      Note: If you're selling anything that uses work by someone else (graphics, dolls using bases, etc) please make sure you're allowed to use that work to gain forum currency and that it's not copyrighted. Please also make sure you give full credit when offering the finished piece for pick-up and remind your customers to give full credit wherever they use it. However, you may only use resources, not simply sell something someone else has made (for example, you can use a texture and a brush to create a layout, but cannot sell a layout made by someone else).

      Members should not give away free art in whatever form. If you don't have time to run a shop, please consider posting a market stall (temporary art shops that don't require as much description or maintainance) in the Bazaar (which is only an out of character representation of all the marketplaces and shops in Elysia?, so feel free to locate your stall anywhere) instead (please contact Emma? for more information).
    • Merchant Store

      Merchant shops are fairly easy to maintain but perhaps the most difficult to set up, and are to sell wares such as pets, weapons, and other goods that are purely in-character. They can be located almost anywhere in Elysia?, though you'll need to put your store near any materials they require and consider your character's clientele.

      Merchants can sell illegal goods as well as legal items. However, this will have in-character consequences, such as forcing your character to deal with the local Guardsmen? and/or various criminal organisations.
  2. Once you've decided on what type of store you want to open, it's time to look at your stock list. This is probably the hardest part of setting up a new shop because it requires some research, depending on exactly what you're selling. For art, you'll need some samples to show the quality of work you can do. Merchant stores can be much tougher depending on exactly what type of store it is (an apothecary's shop, for instance, would require research into potions and curatives so that you could provide a list of the ones that are available and their prices; you might also want to submit? items, especially new creations, to the Apothecary to describe them, what they do, and what they're made of).

    It is possible to get around the need for extensive stock lists by creating categories instead; for instance, a pet store owner might outline prices according to the rarity and size of the animals sold (such as in the Prize Shop), and then decide on a case by case basis if that animal is in stock. This limits the volume of work required in research and maintenance without restricting roleplaying options.
  3. Now you have your stock list, where is your shop and what does it look like, outside and in? Your description doesn't have to be extensive, but other characters need to know how to find it and the stock you sell once they're inside. It's also really fun to see how players "dress up" their store! (If you need some ideas, why not check out the Shop Archives?)
  4. To actually open your new store, all you need to do is create a new thread in the Bazaar with the shop's name in the topic title, the location in the topic description, and your shop's description and stock/price list in the post body. (You can spread your lists and description over a couple of posts to make reading easier if you like.)

    As soon as you've posted it, please contact a moderator or admin, who will then pin the description/list thread as your storefront so it's easy to find. Any roleplay in your shop should then be posted in a separate thread (one for each new roleplay) in the Bazaar forum.

Consequences of Inactivity

  • If your character is retired?, their shop will be archived.
  • If you yourself are inactive, any interrupted transactions will be completed for you out of character by an administrator.
  • If you return after an absence to find your shop has been archived and you'd like to reclaim it, you can contact an administrator after reactivating? your character.
  • If your character owns an art shop and is retired?, the art shop may be kept in the active Bazaar (rather than being archived) and you may request orders (out of character only) via private message. This is as long as you, the member, are still active? on at least one other character.

    You must update your shop's description to block new threads, as your character will be retired and thus unavailable for RP. However, if you become completely inactive (ie, retired) on all your characters, your shop will be archived altogether.
  • If you don't receive payment after one month of completing the order (and posting/PMing it for pick-up if it's an art shop), you can ask an administrator to complete the transaction for you out of character.

    If you need to do this, please make sure to include a link to the thread in which the work or items were purchased. You may also be asked for a screenshot of any PMs, displaying the date(s) they were sent, so it's a good idea to keep them until payment has been sent.

    If the member is still active on the site, please try to resolve the situation yourself before contacting the staff (more often than not they'll simply have forgotten).

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