If you're struggling for ideas or just want to take part in something that's a bit more "official", why not try these? You can get ONPC help with these, but we encourage self-guided quests wherever possible.

About the Noticeboard

The Noticeboard is an out-of-character representation of the many posters and flyers found in various shop windows, lamp posts and noticeboards of Elysian? towns.

Most of these quests offer out-of-character rewards which vary in value according to the job type and how well you played it out. The following all net you a much better prize than finishing the thread with minimum effort or abandoning it halfway:

  • Making your quest realistic (ie. not just finishing it in a single post);
  • Involving other characters and/or NPCs?;
  • Not relying on staff involvement;
  • Completing the quest;
  • Completing the quest within a month;
  • Quality of the roleplay[^The quality of the roleplay is a bit subjective and to be determined by the quest evaluator, but looks at the amount of godmodding, powerplaying, time-skipping; the use of detail and the setting; readability; providing opportunities for other players, and so on.^].

Some jobs (especially bounties for high-value targets) are listed multiple times with both official and unofficial posters, so you may be able to combine quests and claim multiple rewards as long as you can provide proof of your success to each of the (N)PCs involved.

If your character makes a name for themselves as a criminal, they will eventually appear as a bounty! If this occurs you will receive notice so you can try to do something about it, but such are the consequences of breaking the law.

If a bounty is a PC or personal NPC, contact their owner before claiming the job. You will need their participation and permission, so it's no good going after a bounty if they aren't active or willing.

Anatomy of a Quest

Quest Type : Title of Quest

The description of the quest summarises how your character acquires the job and the basic story behind it...
  • Restrictions: Not all quests will have restrictions listed, but when they do then at least one person participating in the quest must meet that restriction, but not everyone needs to.
  • Employer: Name and species of the (N)PC you need to satisfy before you can be paid.
  • Starting Location: Some quests will specify where they begin and end. Others will be open.
  • Destination: See above
  • Objectives:
    • List of things you must do to complete the quest.
    • Optional: List of things you can do but that aren't essential to finish the quest. Optional extras increase the rewards.
    • Alternatively: List of alternative objectives you could do instead. These are usually the less benevolent choices and will affect your rewards.
  • Rewards: Rewards may be in-character from the employer(s), or out-of-character from the OOC Noticeboard.
    • List of the minimum rewards you will get per participating character. You could stand to earn much more. Rewards can include money (ζ), fame/infamy (+/-), karma (KP) for religious quests, and/or mundane to epic items depending on the quest type and the employer.
  • Notes: Any other information about the quest, such as if it's a multiple bounty, will be added as a note. These notes may not appear in list format but they will be clearly visible.

The other fields are explained in the box on the right.

Quest Type determines the amount of fighting and travelling involved.

  • Bounty quests are about hunting a specific (N)PC or creature at the request of another (N)PC. They can include simple clean-up jobs like "I've been overrun by imps!" or include high-value and very dangerous targets.
  • Adventure quests require a large amount of travel across wild and dangerous territories. The objectives for these quests tend to vary a lot more.
  • Errand quests are usually town-based and involve delivering items or completing chores. Travel is often involved but only within a small area and most often on foot.
  • Hunt & Gather quests involve gathering specific materials (plant, animal or otherwise) and often mean travelling to local rural or suburban areas. They can be dangerous, depending on the area and the materials desired.

Quest Difficulty is used to determine the level of rewards and is judged according to how long a quest thread is at completion. The more effort put in to a quest, the greater the overall rewards. The trophies you can earn are also judged according to quest difficulty.

  • 10 posts -- Average
  • 20 posts -- Notable
  • 30 posts -- Remarkable
  • 40 posts -- Legendary

Claiming Quests

[b]Quest Title:[/b]
[b]Link to Thread:[/b]

If a quest catches your eye and you would like to run with it, you need to post a claim on this thread (using the code at right) and then put a [Q] tag in your thread title.

If you have not started your quest thread within 2 weeks of posting the form, your claim will be cancelled and you will need to wait another week before claiming again.

Claiming Rewards

[b]Direct Link to Quest Claim:[/b] 
[b]Direct Link to Quest Thread:[/b]
[b]Participating Characters:[/b]
[b]Quest Difficulty:[/b]
[b]Quest Completed?[/b] Yes/No

To claim your rewards for a completed quest, post in this thread (using the form at right). You can claim rewards for incomplete quests, as long as you have made visible efforts to finish, if the other participants have not posted in your quest thread for 2 weeks or more.

Your quest will be evaluated by the ONPC team, who will determine and send appropriate rewards to all involved participants.

Quests posted by PCs cannot be claimed in this way. Any rewards should instead be discussed with and received from the player who posted the quest, but remember that PCs can't give rewards they do not already possess.


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