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  1. Click "Register"
  2. Read the Terms of Condition
    • If you agree, check the box at the bottom and click "Continue Registration".
  3. Fill out the Registration Form
    • Fill out the registration form. If you need help, here's a field-by-field guide.
      1. Choose a username

        This can be anything you like, but make it memorable because you can't change it. We also advise choosing a login/username name that's related to the character you're creating so it's easy to remember. For instance, for my character Kiel I might choose Kiel or Oddball for his account username.
      2. Choose a display name

        This must be your character's given name (eg. Kiel, Piper, etc).
      3. Enter and re-enter your e-mail address

        These are self-explanatory, really. However, make sure you enter a real address, because you'll need the link sent in the validation email to activate your account. You'll also receive activity warnings and other important updates via email, so it's important that you don't use a fake account.

        If you're having trouble validating your account, check out our Registration FAQ.
      4. Board Options

        Check and uncheck these as required. We strongly advise ticking the "Receive email from administrators" box so you can receive important updates and activity warnings.
      5. Character's Name

        Enter your character's full (first and last) name. This is a required field, so you can't complete the registration process until you've put something here. (For ideas for character names and to check that yours fits the setting, see the Naming Convention sections of the racial profiles.)
      6. Member's Name

        You don't have to give us your real name. You could put your internet handle, a nickname, or whichever name you prefer to go by.

        For your privacy and security, do not give us your surname.
      7. Other Characters

        Enter the first names of all the other characters you play on Elysian Fields. This is so we can check that you're actually allowed to have another character if you have more than one, or provide more help if this is your first. :)

        You only need to provide the given names of each character separated by a comma, not their full names (eg. "Dazadi, Piper, Kiel" not "Dazadi Rhea, Piper Kin, Ezekiel Taskel"), unless your characters happen to share the same name as another character.
      8. Challenge Question

        This question is intended to keep out the spambots. It changes from time to time, but the answer will always be provided in the question so you don't have to look far. :)
      9. reCAPTCHA

        The reCAPTCHA system is another way to keep out the 'bots. If you can't see the generated image, make sure javascript is enabled in your browser. If you're still having trouble registering, you can contact an admin in the shoutbox or email us for help.
  4. Finish Registering
    • Click on the "Register" button once all these fields are filled out in order to complete your registration.
  5. Validate Your Account
    • You should receive an email from within 24 hours of successfully completing your account registration. This email contains a link that you'll need to click in order to validate your account.
    • Unvalidated accounts are deleted after 7 days. Your access and permissions on the site will also be restricted until your account is validated to protect us from trolls and spammers.
    • If you're having trouble validating your account or haven't received the email, please check our Registration FAQ first. If that doesn't help, you can contact an admin using our shoutbox, guest-friendly Help & Feedback Board or by emailing us.

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