If you have made less than 10 in-character posts after 3 months, your character's profile will be moved to the Retired/Deceased board and your account will be deleted. If you wish to reactivate that character, you will have to register a new account for them and repost their profile as a new application.

Otherwise, however, we do not delete accounts or characters. Once you have made 1 in-character post, we consider them to be part of our world, so if you want to come back a month or three years down the line, you are very welcome to do so.

Our retirement system measures activity, but this is so that other players know who is and is not available for roleplay.

The Stages of Activity

We prefer at least one post per week but ask for a bare minimum of 1 post per fortnight before our system automatically sends an activity alert via email.
If you have not made an in-character post in four weeks, your character will be automatically moved to the Retired usergroup and you will receive another activity alert via email.
If you know you will be unable to post, you can retire your character in advance by informing an administrator. We also ask that you post an Absence thread so other members know you are unavailable for roleplay.
Members are permitted to remove a retired character from their threads by force or to gloss over their presence as they see fit. In addition, shops and houses owned by retired characters are archived, but you can ask for them back when you reactivate.
If you grow tired of a character but would like to still be able to post them in one-off threads here and there, you can ask for them to be put into the NPC usergroup. PC-NPCs still have access to regular PC features (such as skills) but are not roleplayed regularly and thus do not receive activity warnings. However, if you continually bail on threads while in this usergroup, your character will be moved back to the Active/Retired system. If at any time you would like to roleplay them regularly again, just ask to have them put back in the Active usergroup instead.

Reactivating a Retired Character

To reactivate a character, all you have to do is make an in-character post with them in any in-character area or thread. They will be automatically moved back to the "Elysian" usergroup.

If your character becomes too much of a yoyo or you leave too many threads unfinished as a result of yoyoing, you may be asked to leave a character retired until you can better maintain their activity, so please reactivate responsibly.

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