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Member Charter

Respect each other, the staff, and all materials found within this website.
We want EF to be a clean, fun and friendly place so we have no tolerance for drama, flaming, bullying, harassment, disrespect, gossip, fighting or general nastiness.
Use common sense.
If unsure, please ask.


Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse. We also strongly encourage members to create Elysian profanities and slan rather than using common curses in order to further develop the world in which we play, and we try to make our bad-word filters with this in mind.
Sexual Content
Sexual content is permitted to a degree and in small quantities. References to genitalia and sex acts are allowed, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black, or mature tagging, are strongly recommended. (If you are over 18 or a legal adult in your country, you can ask for access to our Mature Threads board for more mature sexual themes, but even there, we ask that you Fade to Black before things get too explicit.)
Elysia is a dangerous place so graphic violence is permitted in threads tagged as mature. Reasonable explicit description of violence and injuries is allowed, but we ask that you Fade to Black for more extreme themes like torture.

General Rules

Ads posted outside of the Billboard will be deleted.
IC does not equal OOC.
Please keep them separate.
IC actions have IC consequences.
For instance, criminals will eventually become WANTED criminals and have bounties posted in the Noticeboard. Our Fame system also means that the world's denizens come to know your character, good or bad.


We prefer that you try to post at least once a week but we understand that you cannot always be as active as you would like. Thus, we have a Retirement System whereby if you do not make an in-character post for a certain period, your character's status changes. However, reactivating retired characters is easy and we never delete established characters, so you are always welcome to come back whenever you can!
Please read the Registration Guide before creating an account or character.
Character Application
You can find our application template is here.

Posting Rules

Godmodding (GMing)
You are not permitted to godmod[^We define "godmodding" as "inappropriately controlling another player's character without their express permission". Such control ranges from minor actions that we are less strict about (like hugging a character without giving them chance to jerk away) to major control that is a moddable offence (such as hitting a character or even killing them without giving the other player chance to react or fight back).

Godmodding can also include forcing the action of a roleplay to such an extent that the other player cannot avoid your character's actions without breaking the rules themselves, which is just as discourteous.^] or pre-godmod[^Pre-godmodding is when you post that another character has done something before their player has actually posted that they have done it. The one exception, to be used sparingly and mostly for pre-planned situations, is saying a character is somewhere before their player has joined a thread.^] another member's character in any way, with the exception of blanket godmodding?, without their permission. This rule may be circumvented to a degree according to a member's Player Limits (known as "Permissions" on the 2012 application template).
Power-playing (PPing)
You are not permitted to powerplay[^We define "power-playing" as "playing your character as if they are more powerful than they really are", but it can also mean generally ignoring the rules of courtesy (such as having a character enter a fight thread, wipe out all enemies while dodging all blows, then leave unharmed without giving other players a chance to do their part).^].
Word Requirements
We do not have a minimum requirement for in-character posts, but please make an effort to match the members in your thread and give them something to respond to. If your posts are all one-liners or do not advance the storyline, you will be contacted by a moderator.
Writing Style
We prefer that in-character posts be written in third-person past tense, but this is not a strict rule. (Just don't change tenses mid-post!)
Please make sure to check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and for typos before submitting your posts.
Chatspeak, leetspeak, textspeak, and any other form of shorthand in in-character posts, is forbidden unless your character is using them for in-character reasons.
Posting Order
There is no posting order on EF so if you feel that you can post before your next "turn", please feel free to do so. However, please do give others a chance to join in.
Do not post empty "to be written later" placeholders. If you cannot make a finished post straight away, either wait and take the chance that someone will post before you or contact the other members asking them to wait.
OOC Notes
Out-of-character notes in in-character posts (eg. "Sorry for the delay!") should be kept to a minimum and are for in-thread communication only. They should not be made as a separate reply in in-character threads. If you need to communicate without making an in-character reply, either contact the participants via PM or make a thread in the Plotting Board.
Thread Limit
You are allowed to post in as many threads as you can handle according to our timing conventions. However, threads must follow chronologically: While players can have multiple simultaneous threads, characters cannot be in two places at once, so you should maintain your own timeline. If you are in too many threads that consequently stall or affect other members' activity, we may ask you to finish your current threads before starting/joining new ones.
Double Posting
Please do not double post[^We define "double posting" in two ways. 1) Duplicating the same message to bump a thread (in which case you should use the Plotting Board to drum up some activity) or literally copying the final post in one thread at the beginning of another to connect storylines. For the latter, a simple OOC note to indicate the previous thread will suffice. 2) Posting an addition or edit to a previous post rather than using the EDIT button. You may only do this if no one has replied to a thread after 48 hours.^] or post SPAM.[^If you have accidentally duplicated a post or used the wrong account, please REPORT it so a moderator can remove it. As we have a points system that awards in-character money for each in-character post, cash may be deducted from your account if you duplicate or spam often.^]

Graphics Rules

Give credit.
We do not tolerate theft or plagiarism of graphics or literature. Please give full credit (either in your signature for avatars and signature banners, in your post template for layout credits, or in your character's journal for everything else).
Graphics Dimensions
  • Avatars -- up to 150x300px
  • Signature banners -- up to 450x150px
  • Post layouts -- min. 400px wide for the textarea `- max. 500px wide for the full thing. Scrolling divs are not welcome.
  • Post layout banners -- up to 500x500px
File Extensions
Please do not use bitmap (.bmp) images or large files as some people are still on dial-up or using mobile devices and these take forever to load. Acceptable file extensions include .png, .gif, and .jpg. We strongly recommend exporting them to reduce file size.

About Warnings

Elysian Fields operates on a three-strike system: if you receive three official warnings, you are automatically banned, except where severe infringements warrant an immediate ban or suspension. Warnings are given on a case-by-case basis according to how severe our moderators judge the offense to be.

Warnings may be lifted after a time if the offender has stayed out of trouble. We try to give second chances wherever possible.

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