The Chandric Barricade is Elysia's response to the vanguard's? discovery of Acantha and the threat they found there during the Acanthan Arc.

To prevent further settlements from falling to Malaki raiders, a co-operative of governments and organisations decided (after much deliberation and many arguments) to build a checkpoint around the newly discovered portal in order to stop any threat trying to enter Elysia.

The barricade was still under construction in late 10,012 XA?. Resources were difficult to transport into the thick of the Chandric Forest? and the co-operation was interrupted repeatedly by the inability of many organisations to agree or work together. (Everyone wanted to be able to claim the credit for protecting their citizens, yet no one wanted the financial or military responsibility of defending their world.)

However, a ring of "fencing" had been erected by the beginning of Tesseminas. Made from local wood and sharpened into points at one end, it was designed to keep out ground threats but was observed by Mortimer Jericho as not being nearly tall or sturdy enough to defend against the Malaki.

Beyond the fence lies an encampment of tents which house the personnel assigned by various organisations (including the League of Protectors? and the Farahij Scouts?) to serve as the first line of defence. Visitors, such as the League of Adventurers? and merchants, pass through on occasion to restock the outfit and catch up on the latest news before entering the portal.