Chinyelu is a verdant region in the south-western quadrant of Acantha's mainland.

The craggy mountains, made of grey rock, are covered in a thick jungle of enormous trees. The heat and humidity cause an almost permanent layer of mist to boil around the top of the jungle just beneath the canopy, leaving patches of vibrant green to poke out.

These mists clear away completely during the rainy season, when a wave of colourful flowers open to attract birds and insects for pollination.

The Chinyelu Mountains are home to both mystdragons and their riders. Tree-top villages sprawl throughout the canopy like spider webs, with larger platforms built in clearings to serve as landing zones.

There are fewer large predators in Chinyelu than in the Yondallar Rainforest?, but far more parasites and venomous insects.

Its greenery makes Chinyelu a constant target of Malaki raids, particularly during the rainy season when the explosion of growth makes it too tempting to ignore.