Danae's Temple lies west of Chinyelu? and follows a natural route from Peace Valley where it forks south and south-west. It lies fairly central between the Malaki, Mystriders and the closest of the humans who inhabit the rest of the continent.

Carved from rocky outcroppings in a barren valley, the temple is made up of several parts; the main temple houses Danae? himself and is equipped with a central throne room over elaborate quarters.

The next largest section is the barracks for his harpies (likened to eyries by a Elysian? named Maaike Sullivan), and then smaller outlying structures that host the kitchens and serve as storehouses for any offerings made.

Just beyond the temple proper is a large encampment, known as the (Un)Holy City?, where pilgrims stay while awaiting an audience with their god. (Danae takes so long to grant such audiences, and frequently "forgets" that he has visitors, so the camp has become a permanent fixture. It even has a tent where people serve alcohol and food like a tavern, and there are nightly shows by the more experienced pilgrims to pass the time.)