Photomanip by Emma?. Click here for full credits.

Neluna is a small water moon orbiting a gas giant called Kiyoti?.

Unlike Acantha, this system evolved naturally and was only later claimed by Danae? as a mark of power.

One side of Neluna is eternally dark so only the hemisphere facing the planet can support life.

Neluna is pure, deep ocean. The only "land" is actually the formation of petrified trees, which dig their roots into the ocean floor and spear up through hundreds of feet of water to spread broad "leaves" across the surface of the water. These leaves gradually solidify as support for new growth which pushes up to lie over the top, and these layers build up over time to form islands.

Some Ohani? cities use these islands as a foundation and have built tall, pyramid-like towers on them, while others are built entirely underwater. Others still are half and half.

The wildlife here is on the giant side and hugely varied. Algae floats across the surface of the ocean but much of the flora — a whole, colourful world of corals and fronds — is hidden away on the ocean floor.