Peace Valley is a long, broad valley that leads south-west out of the Badlands in Acantha.

Though considered a labyrinth, it is actually mostly linear.

However, the mud that covers patches of the sandy ground and steep walls is mildly acidic. This mud bubbles in many places, some more frantically than others, and is warm to the touch.

Deep holes give a hint of the dangers lurking beneath the mud, but the unwary can easily stumble into the path of sudden geysers. The acid in these explosive vents can cause minor wounds, but the water can scald flesh off bones in a matter of seconds.

Should one manage to successfully navigate around these vents, they will continue south-west to a fork. East lies the villages where Acanthan-descended humans live, and beyond them the Ekene Desert?.

Further to the south-west is another fork which splits south-east to Danae's Temple and south-west to Chinyelu?.