Vynett is one of the larger of the Mystrider villages. Located close to the southern border of the Badlands, it suffers regular Malaki raids and serves as a front line defence for the villages further south and west.

As a result of its position, Vynett was also the first to receive visitors from Elysia?.

Physical Geography

Vynett, like other Mystrider villages, is made up of wooden structures built into the treetops where younger and grounded residents are relatively safe from jungle predators.

Situated on the south-western edge of Peace Valley, it is on the fringes of the Chinyelu Mountains.


Owing to its proximity to the edge of the jungle, Vynett's residents are more exposed to other cultures, particularly as squadrons patrol both Peace Valley and the outlying villages towards Danae's Temple.

Vynettians are usually friendly and curious, but their larger numbers, vulnerability to Malaki raids, and relative distance from the mystdragon breeding grounds makes them a little more cautious.

Vynett is governed by a Sky Lord.