Apothecary 7
Reward Cost Description
Jademine Box ζ200 Plain wooden box of 5 jademine vials.
Golding Box ζ300 Plain wooden box of 5 golding vials.
Tepumine Box ζ500 Plain wooden box of 5 tepumine vials.
Jumen Charm ζ100 Set of 10 charms.
Speed ζ100 Set of 5 speed potions.
Flash Grenade ζ100 Plain wooden box of 10 flash grenades.
Carsic Acid ζ100 Set of 5 containers of carsic acid.
Severence Poison ζ20 Negates the victim's resistance to a weakness for 1 hour.
Empathy Potion ζ20 Every word spoken by the victim is with the whole of their spirit, and the imbiber is easily overcome by emotion for 1 hour. It makes the recipient very susceptible to telepathic? or empathic? manipulation.
Absolvence Pill ζ20 50-50 chance of causing the user to utter only truths or only lies for 1 hour.
Odd Medicine ζ20 50-50 chance of either healing or incapacitating the user completely for 1 hour.
Iron Maiden ζ200 Set of 3 Iron Maidens.
Wolfsbane ζ70 5 pouches of dried arnica for use against Therians.
Crystal Dust ζ100 A single-use test-tube of luminescent blue powder which allows the imbiber to use a skill one level higher than they normally would for up to 1 hour. (They cannot go over the max level and effects do not stack.)