Apothecary 7
Reward Cost Description
Jademine Box ζ200 Plain wooden box of 5 jademine vials.
Golding Box ζ300 Plain wooden box of 5 golding vials.
Tepumine Box ζ500 Plain wooden box of 5 tepumine vials.
Jumen Charm ζ100 Set of 10 charms.
Speed ζ100 Set of 5 speed potions.
Flash Grenade ζ100 Plain wooden box of 10 flash grenades.
Carsic Acid ζ100 Set of 5 containers of carsic acid.
Severence Poison ζ20 Negates the victim's resistance to a weakness for 1 hour.
Empathy Potion ζ20 Every word spoken by the victim is with the whole of their spirit, and the imbiber is easily overcome by emotion for 1 hour. It makes the recipient very susceptible to telepathic? or empathic? manipulation.
Absolvence Pill ζ20 50-50 chance of causing the user to utter only truths or only lies for 1 hour.
Odd Medicine ζ20 50-50 chance of either healing or incapacitating the user completely for 1 hour.
Iron Maiden ζ200 Set of 3 Iron Maidens.
Wolfsbane ζ70 5 pouches of dried arnica for use against Therians.
Crystal Dust ζ100 A single-use test-tube of luminescent blue powder which allows the imbiber to use a skill one level higher than they normally would for up to 1 hour. (They cannot go over the max level and effects do not stack.)

Decorations Add ζ20 for precious metal (copper, gold, xanthium, etc) engravings and ζ30 for jewels.
Light Weapons 20 Choice of wood (clubs, tonfas, knuckles, whips, etc).
40 Steel (daggers, knives, claws, short swords, etc).
70 Mythril (daggers, knives, claws, short swords, etc).
Heavy Weapons 40 Choice of wood (staves, etc).
70 Steel (longswords, two-handed swords, war axes, etc).
100 Mythril (longswords, two-handed swords, war axes, etc).
Ranged Weapons 20 Pack of 10 throwing stars
30 Pack of 10 throwing knives
40 Long bow
60 Crossbow
Armour 50 Leather (set includes a helmet, sleeveless vest, wrist cuffs, elbow and shin pads, and boots).
200 Mythril chainmail made of interlocking mythril bits (set includes a steel helmet, a chainmail shirt covering the torso and arms, steel gauntlets and chainmail leggings).
Shields 20 Wooden buckler
30 Steel arm shield.
70 Steel body shield.

Book Shop8
Mundane Books ζ150 Novels, guidebooks, and other cheap fare from Earth?. Usually brought through the portal by new arrivals and then sold on as a rarity.
Small Press ζ250 Elysian books printed by small, family-run presses. Usually significant history or cultural records.
Classics ζ300 First editions and antiques of books from Earth. Usually Dracovarian heirlooms written in French or Latin.
Hand-scribed Books ζ500 First editions, decorated copies and original manuscripts of Elysian books, including things like a hunter's compendium or wildcrafter's journal.

Forum Buffs
Reward Cost Description
Divine Generosity 20 KP For one (OOC) week, all the recipient's income (from IC posts and earnings) is doubled.
Neck o' the Woods ζ1000 A custom subforum for your shop or house.
Post BBCode ζ200 A BBCode to simplify your post layout. 1 per character, layout not included.
Shop BBCode ζ500 A BBCode to simplify your shop layout. Layout not included.
Journal BBCode ζ500 A BBCode to simplify your journal layout. Layout not included.
NPC BBCode ζ700 A BBCode for your NPC's layout. Regular posters only, layout not included.

Pet Shop
Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Common ζ15 ζ25 ζ50 ζ100 ζ300
Rare ζ100 ζ150 ζ300 ζ500 ζ500
Exotic ζ300 ζ500 ζ800 ζ1400 ζ2000