The Lifemate Bonding Ritual is another secretive, mysterious ritual that is presided over by dragons, usually Summoned by both parties as their sponsors and representatives. Should one of the lifemates not be Dracovarian, it is possible for the other's companion to Summon a representative on their behalf.

There are a number of qualities both parties should display throughout the Bonding Ritual, and the dragons will develop fairly unique challenges geared toward proving those qualities. Commitment to the Lifemate bond, self-sacrifice on behalf of the other party, and complete loyalty are the main qualities looked for in lifemates, though if they so choose, the sponsoring dragons may challenge lifemates in other ways as well.

The Lifemate Brand

Once satisfied that both Lifemates have displayed all the necessary and desired qualities, the female must brand the male with a symbol of her choosing. This brand must be a permanent one and often takes the form of a tattoo or firebrand.

If she refuses, the ritual is considered a failure.