After successfully completing their Rite of Passage, usually at the age of 18, Nymphs perform a second ritual that will allow them to bond to a specific Element.

During a ceremony guided by their commune's Sylph, the Novice must lay down at the centre of a special grove or altar and open herself to nature and the elements. The first element to surround her will be the element she bonds with and will determine who tutors her.

  • Ayads bond with and control the Air.
  • Dryads bond with and control the Earth.
  • Nereids bond with and control Fire.
  • Nyads bond with and control Water.

Nymphs cannot bond with an element accidentally as only Sylphs are taught the intricacies of the ritual. Few Nymphs actually learn the whys and the wherefores of their bond, focusing instead on how to control it.

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