A long time ago, Xanth decided that running an empire was too much for just one person and went in search of help. Impressed by Namiko Akakios' strength and friendship, she invited him to become her Aide and fed him a drop of her own blood to make him even more powerful.

Since that time, there have been several other Aides come and gone, all of whom have served Xanth in their own unique ways. Once legendary heroes known wherever they went, they have since become a more secret force working for the greater good (and for the boundless income Xanth throws at them for their services).

Xanth's Aides

Namiko Akakios
Namiko was the first of Xanth's Aides and served for 562 years, between 7,947 and 8,509 XA. His was the most tragic of the Aides' stories, leading him to kill his own wife, Isolde?, when she became a Scourge. In his grief, he fled to Acantha, where he served Danae until he was summoned back to Elysia. He was only in Elysia for a brief period before returning to Acantha once more in 10,007 XA.
Dimitri Koraceb
Dimitri Koraceb? served Xanth from 8,977 to 9,791 XA, but always had an eye on a bigger prize: world domination. He incited a realm-wide war that lasted for four years, devastating Elysia? and incurring Xanth's wrath. Forced to destroy him, Xanth learned never to trust fully again, and it was several years before she could look for a new Aide.
Dazadi Rhea
Dazadi was mad with grief when Xanth offered her the position of Aide in 9,812 XA, nearly eight hundred years after Dimitri's demise, but was chosen during a period when Elysia needed a strong sword-hand more than anything else. Even known as Xanth's Sword, the assassin was unpredictable and reckless, but usually managed to get the job done. She still serves Xanth some eight hundred years later.
Sylope King
In 9,902 XA, Sylope, as the first Vampire Queen, agreed to serve Xanth as part of an effort to calm ongoing tensions after the Scourge Wars. Like Dazadi, Sylope was "not all there" and liked to play pranks on her subjects. Nevertheless, despite arguing, she served Xanth well until her disappearance in 10,006 XA.
Kiril Lokinos
The same year as Sylope King became the first Vampire Aide, Kiril became the first Zanaryan Aide. His primary role, as the Naharar? of Zanarya?, was to bridge the age-long gap between his people and Elysians, and he was vital in reconnecting his world to the portal nexus. He served until 10,007 XA.
Chenoan Cirocco
Chen was one of the shortest serving Aides, between 10,006 and 10,007 XA and, having been blackmailed into the position, struggled to reconcile his differences with Xanth from the very beginning. It was only after he retired that his relationship with her improved, enough that they have become occasional companions and he answers the odd cry for help, but his search for his brother keeps him from taking back his Aide position full-time.
Nymphadora Makani
Dora was the last recruitee and the most devoted of Xanth's Aides until her disappearance in 10,008 XA. Like Chenoan, she also served for only a year, but she helped to renew Xanth's faith in her Children and faciliated the oath of allegiance between Xanth and Vicious.