Danyel was a human on Earth? when it was a bad idea to be human. Dragons had governed the realm for millennia and were not pleased to find themselves increasingly outnumbered by a species they viewed as weaker and overly greedy.

Then one day, when Danyel was hunting, a young girl appeared before him with flowing purple hair, eyes that sparked like embers, and massive gossamer wings. What really happened during that encounter can be known only by Xanth herself, but Danyel ultimately named her a goddess and devoted his life to her as her Voice.

In his short life, Danyel was instrumental in Xanth's rise to fame. It was he who designed and began construction on the first of the temples built in her name, though he did not live to see it complete. He was the first of the Priests of the Voice of Xanth. He even had a part to play in the negotiations Xanth undertook to prevent the looming war between dragons and humans.

However, nothing is known of the man himself, and his motives have been questioned time and again by anti-Xanthians?. Was he in fact awed so much by Xanth's power that he might give up everything he had for her, or was it his greed for power and glory that drove his actions? Did he truly have the wisdom of his title, an understanding of the universe shared with him by his goddess, or was everything he did out of selfishness?

Regardless of his motivations, Danyel's legacy lives on and can be seen dotted throughout Elysia? in the ruins of shrines and temples the world over, and in the many religious sects influenced by his work with the Priesthood.

As long as Xanth's name is known throughout the realms, so too will Danyel's name be recognised.