Please note that much of this information is either completely out of character, or relates to aspects of the Elysian Fields not known to most characters. (It's only here because it may crop up in threads from time to time, especially if they involve Xanth or her one of her Aides, and because I personally find Xanth's origins fascinating. ~ Emma?

Elysia? knows only one true god, Xanth, who came to Earth? twelve thousand years ago.

However, Xanth is one among many. Her people are the Tanakheimein, the First People: a race of beings so powerful they can create and destroy planets and stars on a whim -- and frequently do.

There have been instances where Tanakheimein have visited Elysia in the past, but they usually keep their presence a secret (at Xanth's behest).

Gods of Note

The Tyrant, the Father. (He is actually the father of many Tanakheimein, including Xanth. The rest are his grandchildren.) He lives up to his name as a tyrant, using his people as pawns to be sacrificed and traded for his own ends. He (thankfully) is unaware of the existence of Elysia and the Outer Realms, but is constantly searching for his wayward daughter and would destroy everything she ever loved just to manipulate her into doing his bidding.
The Drunk. Danae is the creator of Acantha and a couple of smaller worlds untouched by sentient life. He interferes much more in the daily lives of his creations and is a very demanding god. He had an affair with Xanth when she was too young to really know any better, and out of petty jealousy came close to destroying Earth? a couple of times. Only the fact that she is more powerful and more motivated than him prevents him from making another attempt to thwart her, but sooner or later his desire for revenge will outbid his laziness.
The Warrior, the Debased. One of Xanth's older sisters, Aurora was stripped of most of her powers and her wings when she defied their father's demands that she marry. She has since wandered from realm to realm, embittered but nevertheless relieved to be rid of her station, and once briefly visited Elysia to check on Xanth's well-being.
Evischoul the Vicious. After an affair with Aurora before her punishment, and part of the reason she was tortured thus, Vicious was sent on an impossible journey to track down Xanth and return her to her father. Of the warrior caste (the lowest of Tanakheim society), he knew full well he could not hope to defeat her. After meeting Xanth's Aide, Nymphadora Makani, he decided to swear his allegiance to Xanth instead. He now continues his journey after some time in Elysia, pretending to still be on the hunt.

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