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Xanth came to Earth? twelve thousand years ago, back when the dragons were still the dominant lifeform and on the verge of war with the humans.

As the first witness to the extent of her "awesome powers", a man named Danyel declared her a god and became the first of her priests. He founded the Voice of Xanth and built the first temples in her honour. In return, she mediated peace talks to end the war before it could begin.

Ultimately, Xanth became "The Creator", having first made Nirim? and then Zanarya? in an effort to bring peace to Earth. Finally, when it became clear that humans could not co-exist with any other sentient species, she gave back their home and made Elysia? for her children to reign instead.

Over time, many Elysians forgot that she had been anything more than a myth and the Voice fell, but Xanth's presence could still be felt and even seen by those who cared to look. She recruited Aides to assist in her efforts to maintain the peace she had strived for, and laid down systems so that Elysians could never outgrow their means[^The systems Xanth put in place to protect Elysia from itself include making sure that pollutive technology doesn't work. Likewise, Elysians were never allowed to discover things like gunpowder or fossil fuels, instead focusing on the crystals Xanth gave them so their world is kept simple and natural.^].

Yet Xanth can also be petty and temperamental, easily angered or impatient, and these traits can also been seen throughout Elysia's history[^Some say that Dimitri's War was caused as much by Xanth's arrogance as by Dimitri's? greed.^]. In many ways, Xanth is still a child[^Xanth's immaturity is not really surprising in the grand scheme of things: Tanakheimein are considered children well into their third millennium, and at almost thirteen thousand years old, she's still just a teenager.^], but without her, Elysia and its sister realms would never have existed -- and the dragons and humans would most likely have wiped each other out.


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