This page contains purely out-of-character knowledge as very few Elysians? ever get the chance to visit this realm. There are probably rumours and myths flying around, though.

Xanth's Temple is a small (relatively speaking) pocket dimension that is usually disconnected from the nexus and purportedly drifts off in space somewhere. It is more than just a temple, though the main building did originally serve as such before it was ripped out of the earth?, and extends a short distance beyond the maintained gardens in order to house any number of unique and strange creatures.

The Temple

The main structure is an amalgamation of various architectural styles. It was the first, and is the only remaining, temple built by the Voice of Xanth in 100 XA, having survived only through Xanth's own charity. It being the first, and she having no where else to lay her head, she adopted it as her home and grew quite fond of it, enough so that when other temples and shrines were left to fall into ruin, she instead protected this one and eventually moved it into its own dimension.

Having survived so long, and suffering Xanth's bouts of boredom, the temple's features can change seemingly at random, flowing from the original look of the place through a variety of architectural styles including Classical white pillars, Ancient Persian luxuries, and even the heron-wing roofs found in Earth's? Far East.

For the majority of the time, however, the temple reflects Xanth's memories of her homeworld, Tanakheim?, and most especially the White Palace? she once called homed. With this facade, the temple is a mass of pale marbles, gilded decorations and colourful fabrics meant to offer luxurious comfort.

The Garden

Xanth's Garden is a boundless extension of her Temple, stretching as far as any dare look or walk. Xanth herself has never expressed direct control over the atmosphere here, but it does appear to shift with her mood on occasion. Housing much of her menagerie, the garden is usually tranquil and beautiful with a vast assortment of sweet-smelling flowers to gaze upon or trees to doze beneath. There is also a small, crystal-clear pond, overhung by a sweeping willow tree and floating lily pads, that offers cool water on those hot summer days.

Xanth's Menagerie

Xanth's Garden is the home of an entire menagerie of unique creatures, from the rarest phoenix that was once almost extinct, to the thousands of imps who roam freely across the grounds.

Xanth's genetic experiments are conducted here where the results can live in peace. She also has a tendency to bring endangered species here so that should they die out in the natural world there will be a 'copy' still in existence for a short time, at least.

The Waterfall

Xanth's Waterfall is a mysterious dimension-within-a-dimension, completely disconnected from all the other realms - even her own Temple - and only accessible to Xanth via teleportation. It is her refuge, the only place where she can completely tune out the cries of her people.

In perpetual darkness, the waterfall is nevertheless well lit by the constant moonlight that falls upon its sparkling waters. This moonlight lends an ethereal quality to the place that soothes Xanth when she needs it. Only Faroah has ever accompanied her here.


As well as Xanth herself (and the occasional Aide), the Temple houses her menagerie and her 'pet' dragon, Faroah?. Beyond them, very few have even seen the inside of this realm in centuries, as it has been hidden for so long that even the Voice? know next to nothing about it. Indeed, until recently, even her trusted Aides were kept on a tight leash while inside, or kept beyond its walls altogether.

However, the growing friendship between Xanth and the most recent of her Aides, Nymphadora Makani, and the subsequent arrival of fellow Tanakheimein Aurorra and Evischoul, saw all three gain luxurious quarters within. Their temporary residence was followed by a short opening of the Temple's proverbial doors during Xanth's self-hosted party for Xanth Day? in 10,008 XA, but the Temple has remained off-limits ever since.

And fair warning to those who are lucky enough to enter: many of the rooms are booby-trapped with untold dangers lurking within.