Here are a few of the ways Elysians? communicate with each other, telepathy? and face-to-face conversation not included.


Couriers can be either official messengers paid by a courier merchant to carry packages and letters in and between cities on a daily basis, or messengers hired personally by the sender on a temporary or permanent basis.

Personal messengers are faster and more direct than postal couriers who usually patrol only the most trafficked areas, but also more expensive.

Messengers are available in Nirim? and Zanarya? as well. They're especially well used by the Shrine Lords. However, it should be noted that Elysian and Zanaryan couriers are both hired privately.

There is no official postal service.

Courier Bird

Specially trained birds of various species can carry small packages and letters across the realms. They must first be familiarised with various routes so it's usually worth investing in a pre-trained animal, but they can cut delivery costs considerably if you're going to be sending a lot of packages beyond your city's limits.

Courier birds are not available in Nirim? (they've proven too tempting a meal for overflying dragons), but they are widely used in inter-city messaging in Zanarya?.