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The common denomination used across Elysia? is xanthos, represented by a little squiggle (ζ) that originally comes from the Anyeli alphabet.

You can also use z if you can't find the ζ.

Etymologists believe there are two meanings behind the name "xanthos", one being in honour of the goddess Xanth and the other derived from the Anyeli word xanthe in reference to the precious yellow metals (namely gold) that made up the original coins.

The plural of xanthos is xanthai (though many Elysians use the singular instead). There is no unit smaller or larger than a single xanthos.

Denominations include ζ1, ζ2 and ζ5 coins made from gold, and ζ10, ζ20 and ζ50 coins made from xanthium.

There are also ζ10, ζ20, ζ50 and ζ100 paper bills that range in colour from pale yellow to lilac. These are usually made from a range of special paper including naga paper.

As with most cultures, Elysian money features the heads of prominent figures and national heroes. Mints use only local resources, so it's possible to determine both the date and place of origin for individual coins/bills.

Zanaryan Currency

Zanaryans generally use xanthai whilever in Elysia?, but in their own realm? have their own currency called masaari.

These are minted gold coins bearing the faces of their Naharar?, Shrine Lords and Nahani? with the first being the most valuable and the latter being of the lowest value and smallest.