Any Elysian? will say that "there is no such thing as magic", and they're right — to a degree.

The truth is that magic does exist in Elysia and her sister realms. It's what gives Elysians their powers; it's what Xanth used to create her worlds; and it's what makes those worlds go 'round.

Most magic in Elysia comes from Xanth herself as part of her legacy. When she made her Children, she used her own blood, and from it came a vast array of abilities that divide the races just as surely as wings or horns or their cultures might.

Other powers have different origins (those of the Dracovari came from the dragons instead), but to none of these people are their abilities considered "magic". They simply are: gifts from the Creator or, perhaps, a curse.

Magic in EF is not the same as in other fantasy games. Powers are genetic so there are no wizards, mages, witches or their ilk. Even the word "magic" is generally avoided as inappropriate and misleading.
For more information about the powers a character can have, please see the Skill System.

Enchantments & Curses

Only the gods are capable of enchanting or cursing inanimate objects (or even animate ones, for that matter), and of them only Xanth is known to have done so.

Fortunately, she is not fond of curses, so they are few and far between. Enchantments, on the other hand, are less rare, though they are still far from being common.

Enchanted items require admin approval and must be purchased out of character from the Prize Shop using Karma?. In character, they may be discovered in-game or handed down from generation to generation.