Plumbing in the cities works more or less as it does in developed countries on Earth?, with toilets draining into tunnels and underground reservoirs while bathroom and kitchen taps pull from an aqueduct system directly from the nearest freshwater source (e.g. the River Cora?).

The purification systems differ entirely, however. Rather than dump waste directly into the same water source they drink, Elysians? employ elementalists like Nyads and Mariid to cleanse it first. Whatever cannot be completely broken down is then separated out as solids to be processed and shipped to farms as fertiliser The clean water is pumped back into the source.

Rural areas are another story, of course. Here, there are no tunnels so sewage is usually handled on a house-by-house basis where it's normally dumped into an underground storage tank from the main pipes. When the tank is full, the contents can be processed and used (as fertiliser again) on the property itself or sold to local farmers.