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Indefinite Hiatus!

Due to the health of the administrator, EF is on an indefinite hiatus (please read this announcement for more information). Registrations and submissions are closed, but members are very welcome to continue roleplaying.

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Announcements & Updates

Important announcements and updates can be found here, so please make sure you read any new posts. Members are encouraged to reply to announcements with comments or feedback.

  1. Elysian Chronicles
  • 69 Topics
  • 195 Replies
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All the information you could need or want about Elysian Fields is on our wiki. Click to be redirected! :)

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Our repository of active and inactive character profiles. You can also do pretty much anything character related. :)

  1. Journals
  2. Claims
  3. Unfinished & Unestablished
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Elysia is smaller than Earth but has a similar climate and varied habitats. Only the Anyeli Empire has a federal government; the rest of the population (which is mostly focused on the mainland) is divided into a few city-states and scattered settlements.

  1. Alexshire
  2. Ao Coast & Nubian Delta
  • 212 Topics
  • 3,249 Replies
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Across the Divide

This forum is for those areas that either cross the IC/OOC divide or the boundaries between realms, or that just don't fit anywhere else.

  1. The Noticeboard
  2. The Bazaar
  3. Character Housing
  • 74 Topics
  • 281 Replies
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Outer Realms

Visit the Outer Realms: Zanarya, the land of the elements; Nirim, the domain of the dragons; and ancestral Earth! Note: Vampires are not shielded from the sun in the Outer Realms so if you go out in the daytime, you'll be extra crispy in about sixty seconds. Yum. >3

  1. Acantha
  2. Earth
  3. The White City
  4. Xanth's Temple
  5. Zanarya
  • 22 Topics
  • 252 Replies
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Special Events

  1. Archived Plots
  2. Archived Events
  • 86 Topics
  • 1,211 Replies
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Public Library

Archived topics you might still like to look at or revive. Please read the Thread & Archives FAQ for more information.

  1. Thread Limbo
  2. Archives: Outer Realms
  3. Archives: OOC
  • 553 Topics
  • 8,604 Replies

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Help & Feedback

Guest-friendly. Do you have a comment or complaint about a recent announcement, event, plot or feature on EF? Do you have suggestions, questions, or bug reports? Here's where to drop them. (Moderator preview is on.)

  1. Submissions
  • 56 Topics
  • 278 Replies
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Plotting Board

Looking for someone to roleplay with or a thread to join? Please make a new thread for every request/ad.

  • 44 Topics
  • 200 Replies
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Get your OOC stuff here. :D Games, chit-chat, contests and plenty of other stuff to keep you occupied on EF when you're not in character.

  1. Player Introductions
  2. Contests & Challenges
  • 137 Topics
  • 1,081 Replies
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This is a guest-friendly board so you can post advertisements for your non-commercial RPG-related sites or affiliate with EF without registering. (Moderator preview on.)

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