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Zanarya is a dimension almost as large as Earth and is split into six nations, five of which have their own palace and capital and are ruled by a Nahan. Most of the Zanaryan nations are allied to a single element, Ilia and Reixos being the only exceptions. National boundaries are in constant flux, however, as each nation strives to dominate the rest on behalf of their element, and borders are redrawn almost constantly.

Having been cut off from Elysia and the other realms for over eight thousand years, the species became xenophobic and have kept many of their best sciences and technologies secret from their Elysian brethren. They are very much a patriarchal and feudal society as well, with women serving men who then serve higher-ranking men.

Though many Zanaryans have migrated to Elysia, particularly women striving for freedom and those displaced by the Great War that divided their nations, none but their own kin may enter their realm. (Read more about Zanarya.)
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