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Acantha is a small world created by Danae the Drunk. Accessible only through a single portal in the dark and dangerous Chandric Forest, you must first cross the hazardous Badlands to reach any form of civilisation.

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Many Elysians have never been to Earth since by nature they're in danger the very second they step through the portal, but Earth is eclectic and open-minded enough now that you can wander at will — especially around Halloween — as long as you at least try to fit in, although there are those species who simply can't.

Be prepared to meet humans who know nothing about us and be warned: the Old Society does not take kindly to people who expose us.

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The White City

The White City is the only place in Nirim, a vast planet with diverse habitats, where non-dragons are allowed. There are no portals here and, for those without access to their own dragon, this usually means paying (IC only) a ride on dragon-back.

Only dragons are allowed to roam freely outside the City, but the Dracovari were afforded their own sanctuary at the city's heart where none but their kin may enter, and you can pay a dragon to escort you beyond the city's limits where it's much less "civilised".

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Xanth's Temple

Xanth's Temple is a hodgepodge of familiar and unfamiliar, a mixture of Ancient Chinese, Roman and Greek design with a lot of her Tanakheimein heritage thrown in, and a magnificent testament to the wonders humanity is capable of achieving. Within its white walls is a confusing knot of gilded hallways and stained-glass windows. Many of the rooms are booby-trapped.

In recent years, Xanth has restricted access to the Temple. Please PM Xanth before posting new threads.

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Zanarya was split into six distinct nations by the Great War and is heavily reliant on the elements for culture and technology. Currently, only Zanaryans may enter this realm.

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