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Posted 26 January 2007 - 10:10 AM


Name: Emma
RP Experience: 3 years
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Other characters: Contact details: PM


General: Xanth's a god so, in general, just don't do any of it, but definitely ask first. I'm okay with things like hugging, though.
Sexual Xanth's kind of above sex mostly, so I'm not really comfortable RPing her in sexual situations at all.


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Posted 12 July 2007 - 11:54 PM



Xanth's Temple is an amalgam of Ancient Greek, Roman and Chinese architecture built in a specially made pocket dimension connected to Elysia only by a closely guarded portal in Xanth's Throne Room. The home of an entire menagerie of unique creatures as well as Xanth herself (and the occasional Aide), the Temple has been hidden for so long that even the Priesthood of Xanthorra know next to nothing about it. Until recently, even the Aides were kept on a tight leash while inside. However, the growing friendship between Xanth and Nymphadora, and the subsequent arrival of Aurorra and Evischoul, saw all three gain luxurious quarters within. Despite this and the temple's opening during the Xanth Day party of 2008, the temple remains off-limits and many of the rooms are booby-trapped with untold dangers lurking within.

The Garden is a boundless extension of the Temple, stretching as far as any dare look or walk. Xanth has never expressed direct control over the atmosphere within the garden but it does appear to shift with her mood on occasion. Housing much of her menagerie, the garden is usually tranquil and beautiful with a vast assortment of sweet-smelling flowers to gaze upon or trees to doze beneath.

Xanth's Waterfall is a mysterious pocket dimension completely disconnected from all the other realms and only accessible to Xanth via teleportation. It is her refuge, the only place where she can completely tune out the cries of her people. In perpetual darkness, the waterfall is nevertheless well lit by the constant moonlight that falls upon its sparkling waters and lends an ethereal quality to the place that soothes Xanth when she needs it. Only Faroah has ever accompanied her here.

Xanth's Statues: There are several thousand statues and shrines built all across Elysia and the Outer Realms but sadly the majority of them have fallen into disrepair, overgrown or completely crumbled. Only the statue in the quadrangle in New Alexandria is known to have survived, and then only because Xanth herself has ensured its survival.


Xanth occasionally wears an armband made out of dark purple metal in the shape of a dragon that winds around her arm.

She also wears a delicate silver bracelet around her left ankle, which was an offering from Sabrina Casius. The bracelet carries charms that represent all the humanoid races of Elysia and its Outer Realms.



Posted Image
Species: Imp Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown. He has a longer lifespan, thanks to Xanth's meddling, and he's been with her for a long time, but neither can remember the particulars.
Physical Description: Faroah is a red imp dragon with amethyst eyes. The undersides of his wings are lilac, which is probably not all that unusual for a deity's "pet", but does make him stand out against his brethren more than he'd like, especially as they already view him as an oddity. He's seven and a half inches long (that half inch is very important to him), not including his whip-like tail which is long enough to wrap around Xanth's neck as anchorage several times over.
Personality: He's just as scatter-brained as the rest of his kind, perhaps even more so, and has the memory and attention spans of a goldfish. His kleptomanic tendencies know no bounds, getting him into all kinds of trouble, and he's ferociously territorial. Despite his short memory and attention, he can be a stubborn little thing and refuses to let go of something once he's claimed it as his own. He never learns from his mistakes (and would be surprised to be told that any of his actions could be considered a mistake, because he just doesn't think like that), forgetting immediately any injuries he's caused or sustained to the point where he just doesn't understand what pain is. He loves nothing more than to sit in Xanth's lap napping while she pets him, or nesting in her hair with his long tail wrapped around her throat and, despite the mischief he causes, Xanth dotes on him and considers him her most loyal, devoted friend. In turn, he thinks of her as his to command and can't understand why people refer to him as the pet in the relationship!
Distinguishing Features: The undersides of his wings are lilac instead of the expected red.


Species: Panther
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Physical Description: Midnight is usually found in the form of a large, sleek but seemingly unremarkable black panther with bright green eyes.
Personality: As one of Xanth's experiments, it's no surprise there's more to Midnight than meets the eye. Not even Xanth could say how old he is, but he's been a vital part of her 'family' for decades, at the very least. Intelligent and protective, he makes the ideal portal guardian and spends his time patrolling the Throne Room and outlying hallways. Despite his mundane appearance, Midnight has the ability to change his form into that of any known feline, thoguh he very much prefers his original shape.
Distinguishing Features: Midnight can shapeshift into any feline form, so he can be found in a variety of cat shapes, but his eyes are always bright green.

The Imps

Species: Imps
Gender: Mixed
Age: Various
Physical Description: See Imps
Personality: See Imps.
Notes: Xanth once rescued a small colony of imps from an unnatural flood (probably started by a Nyad). While she was searching for a new home for them, they began to build a colony in her garden and somehow Xanth simply forgot to turf them out again. Over the years, the colony has grown undisturbed, which has afforded the imps time to evolve a little more than their cousins across Elysia. They are no less mischievous, but slightly more intelligent. They also act as her servants from time to time in payment for the home she's given them.


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Posted 20 March 2008 - 07:37 PM



Full name: Xanthorra the Creator
    Xanthorra is derived from part of her mother's name (Ybdorra) to denote maternal heritage. "The Creator" is a title such as all Tanakheimein earn (or make for themselves) depending on their most significant actions - in Xanth's case, the creation of her own realms, though in her case the title was attributed by the Priesthood of Xanth instead of her own people.
Pronunciation: zan-THOR-uh
Known to Elysians as: Xanth
Pronunciation: ZANTH
Origin: Tanakheim


Gender: Female
Birthplace: The White Palace in Tanakheim
Birthdate: Around 10,000 BC
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Financial Standing: As wealthy as she needs to be, since she can create whatever she wants or needs
Current Residence: Xanth's Temple


Actual: Over 12,000 (she claims to be 12,654 but has no real idea if that's accurate)
Apparent: Usually around 20
Lifespan: Indefinite


Species: Tanakheimein
Lineage: First Family, Daughter of Abdiriz the Tyrant


Xanth's is a deceptively simple personality that hides all the complexities of a multi-millennial being. She can be petty and easily angered, holding a grudge against those who have wronged or misjudged her until they do something drastic to change her opinion of them. She can be overprotective of those in her care, sometimes forgetting to allow them the freedom to learn from their own mistakes. She can be too loyal and forgiving, allowing certain people to abuse her trust for far too long before she finally cuts them off.

She has made mistakes - and Xanth would be the first to admit it, if only to herself. The majority of those mistakes were caused by her desire to be a better ruler than her tyrannical father and she is sometimes blinded by the comparisons she makes between them. Despite all this, Xanth strives every single day to make the right choices based not on personal desires or prejudices but for the greater good. Her only goal these last twelve thousand years has been to create a paradise for her children and to act as a benefactor, a goddess to whom they can look for guidance and wisdom, and a deity they can appreciate for all the good she's done them.

Unfortunately, Xanth's self-appointed mission - and the sheer expanse of her powers - has served to segregate her from the very people she serves. She prefers to keep people at arms' length, knowing that she will outlive them all, and this makes for a very lonely existence. So much so, in fact, that she surrounds herself with animals instead: Even though they are equally short-lived, they are far less complicated and much less demanding than humanoids, and display profound loyalty.


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Posted 03 June 2008 - 10:16 PM



Posted Image
Doll: Made by Emma,
base from Yume Studio
One of Xanth's many powers is the ability to change her form on a whim. These forms tend to vary depending on her mood and purpose. It will not always be obvious that she's even a goddess, though there is often a hint of purple in each one to give her away.

The woman: By far her most favoured form, this is a girl in her early twenties, usually with long, golden hair and innocent violet eyes, tending to wear fashionable jeans and gypsy tops. Usual height: 5'10".

The girl: Xanth at her most playful might appear as this young girl between the ages of 6 and 12. Also usually blonde with mischievous violet eyes, her clothing varies but tends to be dirty from the suggestion of play.

The goddess: This is as close to her true form as Xanth usually gets in public, exposing her elaborate wings, her long, purple hair and her purple eyes. Even her skin is lilac-tinted with white Tanakheimein symbols forming luminescent tattoos on every inch of flesh. Her clothing tends to reflect the delicacy of her wings, with layers of gossamer and other such fabrics liberally decorated with beads or simply left plain. In this form, purple-hued sparks float around her figure, wafted about lazily as if on a gentle breeze. She sometimes wears a dark amethyst necklace and lilac leather bracers with a dark purple dragon design, and on occasion has a purple metal dragon wrapped around her upper arm. Usual height: 5'10".

The beast: This creature forms when Xanth is enraged, morphing suddenly out of her current form and disappearing just as quickly. The eyes burn like dark purple embers and the face transforms into a befanged nightmare, while a maelstrom of purple-hued winds writhe about her figure. Glimpses of this form are momentary but will probably leave a lasting impression.

Others: Xanth has appeared in a number of non-humanoid forms, including a purple bumblebee, a purple butterfly, and a large purple dragon. She also has a fairly extensive library of humanoid forms besides the ones listed above and can appear in any shape she chooses, though she tends to be fairly consistent.


Tattoos: Xanth has white tattoos all over her body. These tattoos are Tanakheimein symbols which each represent a member of her family tree. The position of the symbol, and the strength of its glow, indicates the type of relationship and the depth of the bond between Xanth and the family member represented. Symbols appear automatically upon new births and fade (though not completely) at death. Xanth usually subdues her tattoos, either hiding them completely or allowing a barely-there glow. However, when she loses control of her emotions, the tattoos become fully visible and can look spectacular.

Posted Image

Wings: Xanth's wings are delicate and fragile, seemingly made of luminescent gossamer. All shades of purple mingle and swirl in a tumult of colour that spreads across the full length and breadth, with purple and lilac sparks like fireflies bobbing and bouncing around them as if carried on a gentle breeze. The tallest tips stretch to a full height of seven feet, with the feathery ends trailing along the ground. As fragile as they are, Xanth has never attempted to fly in public and has never suggested that she could.


Posted Image
by Emma
Xanth's style depends entirely on the form she's taken at any given time. When appearing as human, she prefers casual human wear such as jeans with embroidery along the legs, and loose tops with pretty decoration, and bare feet in the grass or delicate ballet-style pumps.

While in her goddess form, she tends to meet expectations with more elaborate outfits made up of diaphanous materials and sheer fabrics such as gossamer. Her usual outfit is loose lilac pants with purple beading at the hem and waistline, and a shaped bodice that features similar beading.

In any form, Xanth sometimes wears a purple metal armband in the shape of a dragon that winds around her upper arm. She has also taken to wearing a bracelet around her left ankle that carries delicate silver charms representing each of the seven humanoid species in Elysia, which was an offering from Sabrina Casius.


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Posted 05 September 2008 - 04:28 AM



Xanth tries not to think of her childhood, not because it was particularly horrid but simply because she misses her home whenever she thinks of it. Born to Ybdorra, one among many wives to the Tyrant Abdiriz, Xanth was raised amid a babble of children just like her by a collective effort. She barely saw her father before her twelve hundredth birthday but was still very conscious of the effect his decisions and actions had upon the realm. She waved off countless brothers to war and countless sisters into arranged marriages, increasingly concerned that her own time was arriving swiftly. After witnessing the punishment her older sister, Aurorra, suffered at their father's hands for refusing to marry her chosen fiance, Xanth was prepared to behave herself... until it was time for her own wedding. With encouragement from her younger brother, Yaziz, Xanth was quick to leave Tanakheim and knows full well she can never return, but still believes to this day that her exile is a much better situation than any marriage she could have entered into.

Things were not all bad during her childhood, however. With so many siblings, and so many second mothers, she never wanted for attention and always had a willing playmate. She and her siblings would spend hours practising their powers, quite often on each other, and as a princess she grew accustomed to having servants follow her every instruction. She learned through experience and from watching the effects of her father's reign that "with great power comes great responsibility" and took it to heart upon leaving her homeland.


Xanth's primary languages are Tanakheimein and Elysian but, while she hasn't actively learned others, she can translate them by reading the minds of those speaking to her, enabling her to communicate fluently in any language.

She has had no formal education. Instead, she and her siblings would sit listening to their mothers' stories and, as they grew older, pass on their own knowledge to the younger children. Xanth learned how to use her powers - and to an extent the ethics of when to use them - from practising on her brothers and sisters, just as they practised on her.

As the Creator, she has many powers but she is bound by universal laws (for instance, she cannot create something out of nothing), so she must be constantly vigilant against her own desires as well as the wants and needs of her people.


Xanth's family is quite extensive and is called the First Family because they are the immediate off-spring of the Father, Abdiriz, and the companions he created, thus inheriting the vast majority of his powers. Abdiriz surrounded himself with his women, each of whom provided him with strong sons and daughters, and those children were raised in a communal atmosphere. Though there was often a closer bond with their biological mother, the children were raised with equal attention from each - and an equal lack of such from their father.

As a member of the First Family, Xanth was raised, along with her siblings, in the White Palace, isolated and forbidden from leaving without a guard. Abdiriz valued her, along with all his daughters, as a commodity to exchange for the loyalty of his subjugates, but saw them as little more. Fearing his wrath, none of the mothers dare oppose him and often distanced themselves from their children well in advance to prepare for their loss.

Despite this, Xanth experienced a happy childhood for the most part with plenty of siblings and playmates. It was a warm atmosphere, nurturing and perhaps a little overprotective. She loved most of her siblings but developed close bonds with a select few whom she misses still, even twelve thousand years later.


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Posted 05 September 2008 - 05:24 AM


    Ybdorra was a gentle and delicate woman who rarely, if ever, stood up for herself. Xanth inherited her bone structure and caring nature.

    Abdiriz is the First Father, the founder of Tanakheim and the creator of the Tanakheim race. Legend says he erupted out of Chaos fully formed and immediately set about creating the first of many wives with a few raw materials and his mind. Tyrannical, cruel and territorial with his mind set on conquest, Abdiriz rules the growing realm of Tanakheim with an iron fist.


Xanth has many, many siblings, each sharing the same father (Abdiriz) but having different mothers. Among them were Xhian (f), Dima (f), Xiaia (f), and the following:

Aurorra the Warrior (f)
    Xanth's older blood-sister was to be married off in the same way as Xanth and, just the same as Xanth, refused to accept the arrangement. Already in their father's bad graces for being somewhat of a tomboy - and for being involved with a lowly Warrior - Aurorra suffered dreadful consequences. Abdiriz stripped her of her powers and her wings, reducing her to the lowest class among Tanakheim society. Seeing how Aura was treated played a large part in Xanth's decision to flee Tanakheim, bringing her to exile herself rather than suffer a similar fate.

    In 2008, Aurorra stumbled across Elysia on her travels. Knowing the dangers to her sister should their father ever discover Xanth's realm, Aura could only stay for a short time. She refused to swear an official fealty to Xanth which made her a loose cannon, but she usually chose not to do anything that might prove detrimental to Xanth's reign. She left without a word shortly after her arrival.
Yaziz the Prankster (m)
    Yaziz was one of the last children to be born to Abdiriz before Xanth's exile and loved to play on his status as the youngest brother. He earned the title of Prankster before his hundredth birthday, uncommon among Tanakheim, and lived up to it every single day of his life. Though little more than a nuisance to many of his siblings, he and Xanth shared a special bond as close siblings even though he was born to a different mother. It was he who convinced her to flee Tanakheim.

Xanth does not often allow herself to grow too fond of humanoids, much preferring the far simpler relationships she shares with her animals, but over the millennia some have snuck past her defences.

Nymphadora Makani (f)
    Dora was the first person in a very long time who treated Xanth as anything more than a petty boss. To Nymphadora, Xanth was a friend, a goddess, a surrogate mother and a supervisor. She looked to Xanth for wisdom and guidance, and in return she alleviated some of the loneliness and boredom that had built up in Xanth over the years.
Faroah (m)
    Faroah is referred to by many Elysians as being Xanth's pet and yet he considers the reverse to be true. Indeed, he acts as little more than a joyful puppy, liking nothing more than to sit in her lap and be petted. She spoils him rotten and has created a pocket dimension especially for him in which to build his massive nest, filled with gold, gems and anything else he considers pretty.
Namiko Akakios (m)
    Miko was the first of Xanth's Aides and was highly respected among Dragonkin and by Xanth herself. They forged a strong friendship built on that respect and on years of working well together but sadly things turned sour when his lifemate, Isolde, reached the end of her lifespan. When Xanth tried to save her, instead creating the Vampires and a personal tragedy for Miko, he fled Elysia and was not seen for centuries after. Since his celebrated return, Xanth's hopes of reintegrating him into her life and her Temple have been dashed, as he has disappeared without trace once again.

Evischoul the Vicious (m)
    Vicious was assigned the task of finding Xanth by Abdiriz himself as punishment for his liaison with Aurorra. After thousands of years of travelling from dimension to dimension, realm to realm, Vicious had never thought to find Xanth and instead spent his days half-heartedly plotting Abdiriz's downfall. When he did finally find Xanth through her lingering presence in Acantha, he was surprised to find her people not suffering but instead enjoying a relative paradise. Upon meeting Xanth, he swore fealty to her in exchange for asylum, agreeing to do her bidding should she have need of him.

    He was not in Elysia long, however, before his dangerous attraction to Nymphadora Makani stirred up trouble and Xanth allowed him to leave. He still owes her his allegiance and is charged with keeping Abdiriz away from his daughter.
Dazadi Rhea (f)
    Dazadi served as Xanth's sole Aide for a long time, replacing the treacherous Dimitri as Xanth's Sword and assassin. Known for her insanity now more than her life achievements, Dazadi nevertheless continues to serve Xanth with complete irreverence and utter loyalty. For a long time, she disliked Xanth who had taken advantage of the Anyeli's grief to trick her into service, but Dazadi has gradually come to understand the goddess and, if not like her, at least respect her. She may complain a great deal, but she carries out Xanth's orders without question, a trait Xanth finds invaluable.
Chenoan Cirocco (m)
    Their relationship was rocky from the beginning, but Xanth gave Chenoan a lot of leeway when dealing with his attitude towards her out of her own sense of guilt and responsibility. Having blackmailed into becoming her Aide, she felt his anger and bitterness were natural, but after a while she grew weary of his constant chafing and they began to argue freely. He seemed not to care that she could obliterate his very existence, and she was tired of his refusal to accept any responsibility for his own mistakes.

    Eventually, after much fighting, they came to an uneasy truce and Xanth allowed Chenoan to retire. Doing so seems to have eased the tension between them to the degree that Xanth would now consider him a true ally, if not a friend, and they can spend time together without her wanting to blow him to smithereens.
Kiril Lokinos (m)
    In many ways, Kiril reminds her of her brother Yaziz. Mischievous and a bit of a trickster when given the opportunity, Kiril might not be considered a friend in the truest sense of the word and can be more of a pest than Xanth would wish to tolerate, but he has his uses and can considerably brighten an otherwise dreary or lonely day. Xanth misses having him as her Aide, but not the trouble he caused as such.


Dananka the Drunk (m)
    Danae is the most immediate of Xanth's enemies, having a realm immediately connected to Elysia. Though he is of the Upper Class, he is a member of the Second Family and thus less powerful than her; yet it is still fortunate that his laziness outweighs his desire for conquest, as any outbreak of war would be dangerous to both Elysia and Acantha. Xanth tries not to think about it, but Danae was the first and only romantic relationship she ever had, which makes their unspoken truce all the more difficult to maintain.
Abdiriz the Tyrant (m)
    His desire for conquest and absolute control has seen Abdiriz gleefully torture his own children and he would just as happily marry them off to complete strangers to cement diplomatic relations. Xanth's refusal to capitulate to one such arranged marriage saw her forced into exile to avoid the punishments Abdiriz might use but in fleeing, she also made the situation far worse. Now, should Abdiriz ever discover her whereabouts and that she has created her own realms, he would tear Elysia asunder and make Xanth suffer a very painful death.


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Posted 05 September 2008 - 05:46 AM



Click each one for the base. All made by me.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

<3 <3 <3 GIFTS

Click each one for the artist.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Liv made a gorgeous manip here.


Click on each for the artist.

Posted Image

Posted Image


Click each one for the dollmaker site.


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Posted 10 September 2008 - 08:40 PM


These archives are in reverse chronological order and only track threads made on faroah.com. As of November 3rd 2008, these archives are incomplete. The most recent archives can be found here.


[ F ] Finished
[ U ] Unfinished but archived anyway

###. [ F ] Thread
Participants // Area
Brief summary.


001. [ F ] The Riverbank
Maximus Mills // The Fae Forest
Xanth visited with Max and was impressed by his natural treatment of her.

002. [ F ] The Rescue of Dazadi
Aiden Roy, Suka Matali, Maximus Mills, Ryou Shirogane // Derby, England
Xanth teleported the four rescuers into the cemetary of a church in Derby where Dazadi Rhea and other victims were being held captive by the Hind.

003. [ F ] Questers Going Home, cont'd.
Zephyr Cairbre, Suka Matali // Dr. Hallie Burke's Clinic
Xanth teleported Zephyr and Suka out of the clinic.

004. [ F ] Questers Going Home
Hind Questers // Central Park, NYC
With the Hind defeated, Xanth teleported the questers to Central Park and asked one of them to deliver the healing potion to Sylope's nursemaids.

005. [ F ] The Riverbank
Nymphadora Makani, Damion // The Fae Forest
Xanth poofed in briefly to remove the young Nymphadora from an area that was too dangerous for her, and then again to remove Damion.

006. [ F ] Naava's Death
Naava & Nymphadora Makani, Myrth // Central Park, NYC
After a nasty squabble that escalated into a physical fight, Nymphadora accidentally killed her sister, Naava. Xanth appeared and offered to turn Naava into a Shade while Nymphadora wept over her sister's broken body.

007. [ F ] The Mountain Trail
Eilidh // Rowan Caverns
Xanth is summoned by the pained cries of a Therian caught in a poacher's trap and frees the girl.


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Posted 04 November 2008 - 03:57 PM


These archives are in reverse chronological order and only track threads made on faroah.com. As of November 3rd 2008, these archives are incomplete. The most recent archives can be found here.


[ F ] Finished
[ U ] Unfinished but archived anyway

###. [ F ] Thread
Participants // Area
Brief summary.


001. [ F ] A New Son's Pledge: Divine Defence
Inimicus Malus // Xanth's Statue
After a brief tussle with a demon who hated Xanth, Inimicus had questions about the Vampire race and himself. Xanth appeared to answer them and provide reassurance.

002. [ F ] Xanth's Grotto
Various // The Quadrangle
In celebration of Christmas, Xanth morphed the Quadrangle into an Elysian version of a Santa's Grotto and gave gifts to anyone who paid their respects.

003. [ F ] Looking On As UnSaints
Suka Matali // Xanth's Statue
Suka paid a visit to Xanth's Statue, leaving a monetary offering as his way of accepting all his past misdeeds. He didn't expect Xanth to respond but she did anyway, hoping to at least partially make up for her own part in his personal tragedy. Instead, when he left, she was left with a sense of unease as he began to plot Kade's downfall in hopes of winning Dazadi's love for himself.

004. [ F ] Hidden Within
Evischoul, Nymphadora Makani, Chenoan Cirocco // Holland, Earth
Upset, Nymphadora tracked across Elysia and Earth with her wings in full view and was followed by Chen in his griffin form. Furious that they had jeopardised Elysia's safety and secrecy by exposing their inhuman natures, Xanth appeared to them in a dark alley and told them in no uncertain terms never to do it again.

005. [ F ] A Wounded Runaway
Falaris Lucius, Aurorra // Xanth's Statue
After mouthing off about Xanth, Falaris was confronted by her sister, Aurorra, who attacked him viciously and left him for dead in the jungle. Xanth appeared to him as an ethereal being to heal him, hoping he would at least adjust his attitude if not learn his mistake, but left him to find his own way back.


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Posted 04 November 2008 - 04:08 PM


These archives are in reverse chronological order and only track threads made on faroah.com. As of November 3rd 2008, these archives are incomplete. The most recent archives can be found here.


[ F ] Finished
[ U ] Unfinished but archived anyway

###. [ F ] Thread
Participants // Area
Brief summary.


014. [ C ] Take her by the hand
Amlai // Elysian Underground
Xanth walks with Amlai to Le Bon.

013. [ C ] Watch over her
Danube, Amlai, Girl, Girl's Mother // Elysian Underground
Xanth babysits a young girl while her mother runs some errands.

012. [ C ] Xanth Day 2008
Various // Xanth's Temple
The Xanth Day celebration thread. Xanth spoke directly to Reese, Leeta and Chenoan.

011. [ U ] Determination Can Persevere
Sabrina // Xanth's Temple
Sabrina summoned Xanth with the intention of offering her services as an acolyte.

010. [ C ] Faroah's Nest
Loranth, Faroah // Xanth's Temple
Xanth arrived to heal her friend but discovered Loranth had already done so and healed the girl in gratitude.

009. [ U ] Some Form of Existance
Arkadios Rhea // Xanth's Statue
Kade visits Xanth's statue, concerned about his dragon. Knowing the reason for Phae's absence, Xanth comforts him but attempts to keep the secret.

008. [ F ] Heaven or Hell
Inimicus Malus // Xanth's Statue
Inimicus informs Xanth that he can no longer be her acolyte now that he plans a campaign to decimate the rogue Vampire population. Xanth accepts his resignation and allows him to keep the shield she gave him but asks him to use it with honour as a reminder of all that he stands for.

007. [ F ] First Glimpse
Sabrina Casius // Xanth's Statue
Xanth appeared as a young and playful child when Sabrina tried to leave a beautiful bracelet as an offering. Snatching the bracelet and fastening it around her ankle, Xanth was pleased by Sabrina's kindness and her generosity, and left with words of encouragement.

006. [ F ] Seeking Answers
Naessa Liawamei // Xanth's Statue
Xanth responded to a cry for guidance from a young Dragon who was new to Elysia and lost. Xanth refused her offering and was prepared to give free advice instead.

005. [ F ] An Easter Delivery
Radeu Ilashan // Xanth's Statue
Radeu made an Easter delivery on behalf of Inimicus Malus, leaving a giant goodie basket beneath Xanth's statue. Xanth appeared as a child shortly after Radeu left, taking the giant stuffed bunny into her arms and teleporting herself and the basket away to her Temple for private enjoyment. <3

004. [ F ] The Devoted: ShadowBlade
Inimicus Malus // Xanth's Statue
Inimicus asked Xanth if he could become her new ShadowBlade but Xanth didn't feel he was ready and told him to return when he had more combat experience under his belt.

003. [ F ] The Midnight Hour
Naava Makani // The Fae Forest
Xanth appeared during a storm with Naava lying prone and dying. Tired of Naava's wearying attitude and constant complaining, Xanth refused to heal her, instead staunching the bloodflow and teleporting her to the hospital.

002. [ F ] Scarlett Caye: The Dream
Scarlett Caye // B2 - Scarlett Caye
Concerned about Scarlett's behaviour as the Queen of Vamipres, Xanth appeared to her as an ethereal butterfly while she was sleeping in order to reassure and comfort her regarding her brother's disappearance.

001. [ F ] Something to Admire
Rosalie Evanna // Xanth's Statue
Bored in the quiet after Christmas, Xanth was glad to visit with a fledgling vampire. Refusing Rosalie's offering since the earrings were technically stolen, and she did not wish to upset Rosalie's mother further after suffering her daughter's "death", Xanth was nevertheless playful and friendly, apparently making the girl feel welcome.


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Posted 04 November 2008 - 04:31 PM


I've used a lot of different resources for my graphics. They're fully credited within the layouts but it's difficult to list all the brushes and textures and stuff I've used in icons and banners, so that's where this post comes in. ^^


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