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Posted 06 March 2007 - 01:40 AM


FULL NAME: Aiden Roy
RACE: Therian
DATE OF BIRTH: October 10, 1985
FINANCIAL STANDING: He can pay the bills, but has little money for luxuries.


GENERAL: Social interactions accepted (pokes, hugs, pats on backs, glomps, play-punches, even kisses). Surprise punches or pounces are fine too.
INJURY: Minor-to-moderate injuries are okay if they happen reasonably. Ask about anything that may be life-threatening to Aiden.
TORTURE: PM me to ask first.
TRANSFORMATION: Not possible. Well, maybe the Hind.
HELPING: Please and thank you! :)
OTHER: It's fine to exercise your character's powers over Aiden. I don't care too much about minor GMing, but if in doubt, ask first.

Table of Contents

Skills & Powers
Therian Forms
Other NPCs
RP Encounters
All else are miscellaneous items. :)


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Posted 08 September 2007 - 11:02 PM


MODEL/PLAYBY: Jared Padelecki
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 6’2”
HAIR COLOUR & STYLE: An earthy brown, kept short and slightly tousled.
EYE COLOUR: Blue-green. Usually warm and smiling.
BUILD: Not buff, but pretty muscular.
FASHION SENSE: Not really? He isn’t very clothing conscious, and opts for whatever’s comfortable. Generally seen wearing his guardsman clothes with his wooden tonfas strapped to one side.
Outside of work, he usually wears a t-shirt with some kind of design on it, and a pair of jeans with a belt. If it's cold, he'll keep his t-shirt and put on a scarf. If it's really cold, he'll shift into feline form or wear a leather jacket, if he really must. He doesn't like long-sleeved clothing.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Cat tattoo on his left bicep & a small scorpion tattoo slightly below that.

Often found lounging at a warm sunny spot, Aiden is mild-tempered and easy-going. However, Aiden can and will drag himself away from that nice and warm and comfortable sunny windowsill when there’s something interesting enough to make him do so, like his job.

He's polite to everybody, even criminals (until said criminal is a complete asshole). He likes to think of himself as a protector, and guilt-trips himself horribly if he fails that role. In a confrontation, he’d talk his way out, but if it comes to a fight, he'd try and end it as quickly and painlessly for both parties.

Has horrible luck with women. All the pretty ones are either taken or can’t tell that Aiden's interested. He’s too shy to initiate anything anyway.

When in animal form, Aiden has some difficulty differentiating between his human thoughts and his animal ones. As a cat, he’s more reckless and reacts to his predatory instincts. Even in human form, residual animal instincts may sometimes get the better of him.


  • Elysian Law: Well versed
  • Elysian: Fluent.
  • Sylvan: Mostly-fluent. He has trouble with some of the bigger vocab words.
  • First Aid: Intermediate. He worked briefly as a doctor's assistant.
  • Cooking: Please don't let him cook.


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Posted 12 September 2009 - 07:12 PM


Packs Used: Starter (5/5), Modest (5/5)
Posts Used: 250* (16)
* 7 upgrades purchased half-price during July 2010
** free from Xanth Day 2010


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Posted 25 September 2009 - 04:25 AM


  • Spotted Bengal
    Type: Small domesticated kitten
    Physical Description: A ten pound kitty with the body length of 51cm (1.5’). In this form, his fur is a sandy color with dark brown spots that are more stripe-ish near his forepaws and tail. His tail is about a foot long and kind of fluffy. Round oval green eyes sparkle and hopefully charm somebody into giving him a backrub. His triangular ears are short and rounded at the top, and there are white dots on the tips of his ears. Two medium-sized dark brown spots near his right shoulder.
    Notes: Likes playing with water. Very playful, short attention span. Likes shinies and loves attracting attention. Adventurous in new environments, and not always aware of danger.

  • Angel Snake
    Type: Medium Domesticated Angel Snake
    Physical Description:
    Pearl colored scales & sandy brown wings. Tips of feathers are tinted a darker shade of brown. Nearly half of his right wing has a dark-brown splotch. Reptilian eyes glow a greenish blue.
    Notes: This form is instinctively skittish and especially around potential predators. However, it is also a curious creature, and is drawn to activity. Cautious and wary, but again, it loves the sun.

  • Sea Otter
    Type: Medium Predator
    Physical Description:
    Thick coat of warm brown fur. His head, throat, and chest areas are a lighter shade of sandy brown. Nearly 1/2 of his upper left arm is colored by black-tinted fur. Warm brown tail is speckled with sandy-colored fur.
    Notes: The otter form loves to groom its fur, and it is almost always looking for food. Quite playful and almost mischievous.


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Posted 21 October 2009 - 06:51 AM


  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Gloves from Xanth
    A pair of leather gloves that will change color with Aiden’s mood. They are decorated with sapphires that will boost his speed. They sit on top of his drawer, unused except for special occasions. Aiden is uncomfortable with having his emotions visibly displayed via the gloves.
  • 2 Boxes of Potions
    1x healing potion for minor to moderate injuries (5 uses per bottle)
    1x 'potion bomb' that will explode when smashed against something, causing moderate to major injures or damage
    1x 'freeze bomb' that will freeze whatever it hits for up to five seconds
    1x speed potion that will increase the drinker's speed (by one level, one use)
    1x strength potion that will increase the drinker's strength (by one level, one use)
  • A pair of seawood tonfa with silver engravings.


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Posted 10 July 2010 - 10:28 PM


BIRTHPLACE: Thenia, Northeast Dardanos
CURRENT RESIDENCE: 587 Ash Lane, Apt. 3E, New Alexandria
OCCUPATION: Senior Guard, New Alexandria
DAILY LIFE: On most work days, Aiden wakes up early at 6AM, eats a big breakfast, and walks to the training yard to train and work out until 9AM. He then showers and leaves for daily patrol and other work-stuff. After work, he either hangs out with co-workers or heads straight home, where he takes a quick shower before hopping to bed. Works on every day of the week from 9AM to 8 PM except for Mondays and Tuesdays. He works the night watch on Fridays from 8PM to 2PM.

He often spends his spare time in the wilderness. One of his favorite hobbies is to shapeshift and live as his animal form for part of the day. Another is playing baseball or basketball with a couple of close friends. Aiden keeps frequent contact with his siblings, and he often calls them in the afternoon. He returns to Dardanos to visit his family every few months, and during the holidays.

    Father: Nathaniel Roy
    Mother: Katherine Evans
    Aunt & Uncle: Joanne Evans and Patrick Woods
    Siblings: Nathan, Aiden, [Estelle & Aki (twins)]
    Cousin: Edwin Woods


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Posted 10 July 2010 - 10:33 PM


  • 1985: Aiden was born and raised in a mostly-Therian town in Northwest Dardanos. His mother was the daughter of a farmer, and his father was a rich merchant who dealt with trade between Dardanos and the mainland. Their family lived in comfort and luxury, and Aiden vaguely remembers long summer days when all he did was dig worms out of the ground and hear his mom tell stories.

  • 1991: On Nathaniel and Katherine Roy’s 10th wedding anniversary, the couple takes a ‘second honeymoon’ and visit the legendary New Alexandria. They’re traveling for a month, so they leave their four children in the care of their Aunt Jeanne. The decision was made to the discontent of the children, who thought that their aunt was a strict and intimidating woman. Nevertheless, the children spend one and a half months at their aunt’s home before hearing that a merchant ship has been sunk by a storm. Many months pass without news of the couple, and the family accepts the inevitable. By this time, Jeanne has been engaged to a Therian named Patrick Woods. After a summer wedding, Jeanne brings the children to live in a new home.

    As previously mentioned, their Aunt is a harsh woman who demands obedience from her wards. Under their aunt's supervision, the children are mostly well-behaved and they excel in school. Their aunt’s disciplinary methods are often abusive, and it gets worse after the birth of her first child, Edwin. However, shifter laws are loose in general and the town pretty much turns a blind eye toward everybody’s personal affairs, including Jeanne’s.

  • 1996: Nathan runs away from home, leaving no traces of whereabouts or communication.
  • 2000: Nathan has co-founded a trading business and is doing pretty well. Aiden, the twins, and Edwin leave home to live with Nate in Parthis. Like Nathan’s, their departure is abrupt and they leave no word. Aunt Jeanne is furious. She and Patrick find the children in Parthis of North Dardanos. There is a heated spat, a couple of scratches, some punches, and a few lunges towards throats. In the end of the confrontation, Jeanne and Patrick tell Nathan that they never want to see him or his siblings again.

    Despite arguments about everyone carrying their own weight, Nathan insists that his siblings (he considers Edwin a brother too) stay in school. A year after graduating, Aiden goes to the mainland to become a policeman…

  • 2004: Works as part of the New Alexandria Guard and also the Scorpion Group. Also investigates the disappearance of Dazadi.
  • Late 2007: Returns to Dardanos to help handle of family matters. Works as a county police in Parthis.
  • Late-2008: Returns to New Alexandria to work as a guardsman.


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Posted 10 July 2010 - 11:04 PM


Nathaniel Roy
Because Nathaniel dealt in trade between Dardanos and the mainland, there were times when he'd leave for weeks before returning with gifts for all of his children. But he was a doting father, always smiling, and rarely spoke a harsh word to his children.

Katherine Evans Roy
Due to Nathaniel's frequent travels, Katherine was pretty much the mistress of the house while her husband was away. The children flourished under her lenient authority, and Aiden's best memories of Katherine are of her soft laughter and the smell of her unresistable pies.

Nathan (Nate) Roy ~ Parthis, Dardanos
30 | Merchant
The eldest sibling of the family, Nate has shouldered a lot of burden at a very young age. He was pretty much the caretaker and role model of the children for the years after their parents' disappearance. He left Thenia at age 18 for better job opportunities, believing that Aiden (then 15) could handle the family.

Estelle Roy ~ Parthis, Dardanos
23 | Schoolteacher
She used to be the crybaby of the family, and Aiden still teases her about it. Since then, she has matured into an accomplished schoolteacher. Very feminine and mellow-tempered. Has the aura of quiet determination. After Aiden's disappearance (see Two Steps from Hel), Estelle moved her family out of Espur to Dardanos.

Aki Roy ~ Nubia, Elysia
23 | News reporter
A talkative reporter(who has heard of a quiet one?) who likes to travel and chase after rumors. She is as stubborn as a mule and will try to charm her way for what she wants until it is relinquished to her.

Edwin Woods ~ Oertha, Elysia
20 | Student/Waiter
Aiden's cousin. Adventurous, fun-loving, and a little bit of a dreamer. Edwin is still young at heart and prone to doing things that are stupid. He is known to be very attractive, but has been in a steady relationship for the past three years.

Joanne Evans Woods ~ Thenia, Dardanos
46 | Housewife
Aiden's aunt. A needy and bad-tempered woman. She has anger management issues, and has previously raised her hand against the children. The source of the childrens' unhappiness until they ran away from home. She is unrepentant and continues to insist upon Edwin's return to Thenia.

Patrick Woods ~ Thenia, Dardanos
46 | Farmer
Husband of Joanne. A soft-spoken and hard-working man. Owns a small orchard. Joanne has him wrapped around her finger and he overlooks all of her flaws.

Madeline Aiterin ~ Parthis, Dardanos
19 | Student
Edwin's girlfriend and schoolmate. The daughter of florists of nymph descent. They have had a strong relationship for the past three years. She is just as fun-loving and peppy as Edwin. Has met with all of Edwin's siblings (including Aiden), and they all consider her as part of the family already.

Gilbert York
28 | Herbalist
Estelle's husband. Is also a therian.


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Posted 11 July 2010 - 01:13 AM

Other NPCs

Captain Theo Loukas ~ New Alexandria, Elysia
Captain of the Guard in the northern district of New Alexandria. A ticking time bomb in the mornings with a perpetual frown. However, he is a reasonable captain who treats everybody equally. A no-nonsense sort of guy.

Dominick Denivan ~ New Alexandria, Elysia
Middle-aged anyeli and owner of The Cookie Jar, which is one of Aiden's favorite places to get breakfast or lunch. Menu items include pancakes, waffles, pastries, and coffee/tea. Serves sandwiches and fruit smoothies during lunch and dinner times.

Veronica Juniper
Aiden's childhood friend. She moved to Elysia from Dardanos about two years before Aiden. She now owns a small seafood restaurant at the Marina Docks (Juniper). She uses Aiden to test her latest food inventions. Is frequently amused by Aiden's capacity for food. Aiden is especially fond of her food because it tastes like what they serve at home.

Camellia & Wesley Restin ~ New Alexandria, Elysia
Anyeli | Apali
Their clinic sits in northeast Elysia and is conveniently located at one building away from the guard HQ. Both of them are anyeli doctors. Aiden has visited the clinic a few times to treat minor injuries (and a moderate burn from a firefox).


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Posted 11 July 2010 - 01:27 AM

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 05:31 AM

Summer, 9995 XA

Chewing cinnamon-flavored bubblegum, Nathan Roy walked at a leisurely pace as he returned home from school. It was Friday and he was looking forward to a night of television. He deserved it, since he’d had a tiring session of baseball practice and had turned in his semester book report today. He skipped up the steps of the front porch to his house and pulled out his key.

“I’m home!” he called as opened the door. The redwood door creaked open as he stepped into the house, and he peered into the darkness. Considering how it was still bright and sunny outside, the living room was considerably dim. He realized that the blinds were drawn over the window and turned upward so only a very thin light came through. As he glanced deeper into the room, he realized that two figures were seated upon a sofa chair. One of them was playing with a rubix cube, and the younger one was sleeping against the armrest.

“Hey Nate,” said the one who was still awake, “How was practice?”

Nathan entered the house and closed the door. As he walked toward the blinds, he replied, “It was so-so. Coach made us run laps. Johnny fell and sprained his leg. Why is it so dark in here?” The blinds came up, and sunlight illuminated the room. That’s when he realized that magazines were torn and scattered on the floor beside the coffee table and that his brother had a big bruise on his face.

“What the HELL, Aiden!” Nathan cursed and threw his backpack down. Face twisted with concern, he rushed to kneel beside the chair. “What happened this time? Are these scratch marks?” He wrenched his brother’s arm toward him, ignoring the rubix cube that fell to the floor. Two red welts stretched from the Aiden’s elbow and up to half of his forearm.

“They might be,” replied Aiden, the picture of tranquility. Despite his brother’s increasing anger, Aiden remained seated on the sofa chair with his legs curled up against him. He stared listlessly at the coffee table. “You made me drop my rubix cube.”

Nathan let go of Aiden as if his brother had the plague. He clenched his hands into fists so hard that his nails dug into his skin. “Damn your rubix cube!” he snarled, “Where’s Jeanne? What the hell happened!?” Something boiled within him and he felt as if a taroch were pushing his chest in. This wasn’t the first time that their aunt behaved violently, and Nathan was frustrated by his brother’s passive attitude. It was maddening how he couldn’t do anything. Their aunt was the only adult left in the family…if they left her, who would they have? In Dardanos, the government could care less about how people ran their families. Who’d give a damn about us?

“I threw a ball into the vase,” piped a voice that was very young. The speaker was their young cousin, who was groggily rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His eyes were red and puffy, and his arms were also bruised. “It was an accident! Ma wanted Aiden to clean it up, but he said no.” Out of all the children, Edwin was the only one who called Jeanne by ‘ma’. It was either because Jeanne was his biological mother, or Edwin still believed that she'd someday act like one.

I didn’t break it, and I didn’t want to touch the glass…She made us pick up the pieces anyway,” muttered Aiden. After a moment where Nathan glared at his brother and Aiden stared back, Aiden got out of the chair to retrieve his rubix cube. “Calm down. She’s gone to pick up Aki and Estelle.”

"Calm down!? I'm angry for the both of you! Why aren't you angry?" Nathan growled and kicked at the coffee table. The twins were at art class, and Nate wondered if Jeanne would also yell at his sisters on the way back home. When the woman was mad, she’d lash at everybody in sight. Realizing how useless he was against their aunt, Nathan uttered another growl and kicked the magazines on the floor. The fashion magazines tore, but the sound only irritated him further.

When he turned toward his brothers, Edwin squeaked and Aiden stared blankly at him. Nathan realized that he’d been glowering at the two of them. Slowly, he unclenched his fists and exhaled a sigh. He really wanted to shout and break something, but he’d save his anger for Jeanne when she returned. Closing his eyes, Nathan breathed out a very long sigh. Then he collected Edwin in his arms and ruffled Aiden’s hair. “Let’s go to the kitchen and have ice cream.”


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Posted 16 May 2012 - 07:36 AM

Winston hated looking at papers in the Watchhouse. He especially disliked seeing new papers stacked upon old papers that had already been on his desk the night before. Requests from citizens, reports by Guardsmen, orders from up above...They were like imps in the Fae Tree—each one removed was just as quickly replaced by a new one. Winston especially hated reading bad grammar and spelling, but what could he do but down another cup of coffee? At least there were worse things than a desk-job. He could actually be one of those fools on the papers who chased after criminals and danced with danger each day they worked. Winston would have wet his pants if he went face-to-face with a shifted hydra, or had to confront a seasoned aurumus. He had a decent grip on his mental barriers, but he knew his limits and accepted the fact that in a battle of the minds, he'd have the weaker resolve.

Marking up the paper in front of him, Winston plucked the phone off of his desk to dispatch a Guard to the Western gate. The front door slammed suddenly as Renna Yoera stomped through. She had three long gashes on her arm, and part of her jaw was a big purple bruise. Concerned for his friend, Winston set the phone down and stood from his chair.

“Sergeant Droy,” the voice was urgent and it rang clear in the Watchhouse. “Sergeant Roy's gone mad! I caught him beating on some vampire on Olive Street. He was mugging someone!” Winston jolted as if cold water had been poured over his head. Aiden!? No! He was a good friend. While wary at first, Aiden had been one of the few who still sat with Winston for lunch during the Great Vampire Hunt. Even after the great debacle, their group ate lunch regularly and met up at the bar after work. Winston would never have imagined Aiden to do anything of this sort. Adjusting his glasses, Winston grew somber as he focused his attention toward the conversation.

If people hadn't heard Renna the first time, they would have heard Droy when he leapt up from his desk with a yell. “Aiden Roy!? Can't be!”

“I wish it were somebody else,” said the grim-faced vampire, “But when I tried to stop him, he shifted and attacked me too!”

Corporal Petter approached Renna with a sniff. “It's true, they fought. This wound were from Roy's claws!”

It stung when Petter's words rang true in Winston's mind. Staggering into his seat, he worried for Roy as Renna kept talking. Aiden!? By now a group of concerned guardsmen were gathered around Renna, who was shaking her head with a sad look on her face. “He never did like vampires.” With a pang, Winston clutched as his armrest—he knew that couldn't be true.

As Renna tilted her head upward, ceiling lights emphasized the bruises that marred her face. “It's true. After he knocked me out, he went off running with his victim's mythril dagger.” “Story about—dagger. Ask Droy—dispatch.” True to her thoughts, the hunter vampire turned toward the senior guardsman. “Please! What would the citizens say if they heard a Guard went rogue?”

“I'm sending the scouts,” agreed Droy as he dialed the active guardsmen. “--find his body—we'll be done with--”

“I'm joining them,” Renna frowned. Then, as she strode out with two guards trailing behind her, Winston caught a most disturbing image from the other vampire's mind.

Breath frozen, Winston gaped blankly from the junior guardsman to the senior. Why would Renna lie? She'd stolen blood from Aiden! Was he okay? With shaking hands, the skinny Elysian hurriedly walked toward the public COM device that was attached to the walls of the building. If he used it, it wouldn't be as easy to trace his message this way.

Nobody was paying attention to him, but what did he know—he'd never had a good grasp on his telepathy. One of the reasons why he would never become a Judge as he had hoped. He was a coward, but he had to do something because somehow, he seemed to be the only one in the Guardhouse who believed that Aiden was innocent. His fingers moved in a blur as he began to type into the large COM device. Xanth, I hope you're alive! Wherever you are, don't go out! Listen...


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