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Posted 25 March 2007 - 06:27 PM


Table of contents

List of Stories

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 25 March 2007 - 06:28 PM

OOC Information

Player Details

AGE: 21
OTHER CHARACTERS: Chenoan, Zephyr, & Tsiyone

Player Limits

  • General: I don't mind minor GMing as long as it's within how Naava would act. With that said, feel free to post minor GMs, and if it's too much/OOC then I'll just request an edit.

  • Injury: Naava's pretty quick to avoid harm instinctively due to her training. Please ask first. If an attack lands then realistic injuries can be assumed (nothing more than major, though).

  • Torture: Not unless specifically arranged and detailed privately before hand.

  • Transformation: Not okay at all, sorry.

  • Helping: Currently should be alright, subject to change should Naava regain her memory, though.

  • Sexual: Ask first for intense scenes. Situations that unfold mildly sexually (such as kissing) are fine, though, just please do not GM Naava's responses.

  • Other: If you'd like Naava to have known who your character was before she lost her memory, this is doable but requires careful planning before hand. Please ask first. Also, if you GM a story about Naava in a thread that I am not RPing in, then I ask that you please PM me so that I can know about it/request an edit.

Speech Colors

Verbal: “Purple”
Telepathic: “Orchid”
Language: “DarkOrchid”
Quoting: “Quoted Color”
Thoughts: "Auto"

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 25 March 2007 - 06:31 PM


Character Details

FULL NAME: Naava Cocheta Makani
NICKNAME(S): Naav, Ava (though she hates both)

GENDER: Female
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Undeclared (bisexual)

DATE OF BIRTH: April 14th, 1983

RACE: Anyeli
CLASS: Skotadi

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Cloud Palace, Tower 2, Room 9b

DAILY LIFE: Naava trains with her team from late at night until sunrise almost every night. After sleeping through the early morning she can often be found in some tavern or another.


MODEL/PLAYBY: Jessica Alba
ETHNICITY: Caucasian

HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 126lbs (without wings), 174lbs (with wings)
BUILD: Athletic

HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown/black
HAIR STYLE: Wide curls, usually worn down
HAIR LENGTH: Just past her shoulders
EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Naava's exceptionally attractive for an Anyeli, due to her Nymph blood, and she also happens to age like a nymph rather than an anyeli.

Day: Very form-fitting clothing to accentuate her body. Most likely concealing a weapon.
Night: Tight black leather specially cut for freedom of movement. A katar strapped to either leg. Claw on her hand. Sometimes whip on the right thigh.


Naava is an insufferable person who believes that the world owes her. She is self-serving and will take any advantages she can get, even if those advantages seem to be "unfair."

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 15 April 2007 - 10:05 PM



  • 2 Katars
    Made of steel, black leather bound handle and black leather sheath.
  • Dagger
    Made of steel, the blade has an etching of flowing water on it. The sheath and handle are both black leather.
  • Claw
    Made of iron with harsh spikes on the finger tips. The black leather wrist strap has a sparkling ruby set in the middle.
  • Whip
    A basic whip made of black leather, about 6 feet long.
  • Shortbow
    Made of oak that has been painted black. It has not been used. With it is a black leather quiver.
    • 100 arrows, 0 used


  • Helmet
    A streamlined helmet that is made of bronze with inlaid silver following the basic pattern and a small ruby on the brow.
  • Breastplate
    Made of black hard leather.
  • Bracer
    Made of black hard leather.
  • Boots
    Made of black leather.
  • Shield
    Made of the trunk of a Chiolen tree that has been painted black and decorated with black buckles and bears a silver griffin at the center. From Xanth's Grotto '07.


  • Stud Earrings
    Made of shining onyx. From Xanth's Grotto '07.
  • COM
    A standard touchscreen COM. It does not have video call capabilities. It has a dark purple furry case.


  • Jademine Box
    A specially designed wooden box that can hold five basic glass vials. Each vial contains one serving of a pale yellow liquid meant for healing minor to moderate injuries.
    • 3 full, 1 used, 1 broken


  • Simple Box
    A simple wooden box that is painted a soft purple. It has a removable lid that rests snugly on top. It is covered in splotches of various colors from being used to store most of Naava's paints. From Xanth's Grotto '07.
  • Decorated Box
    A small oaken box with a hinge top. The inside is painted with an extravagant butterfly design in an array of sparkling purples. It sits on her nightstand and Naava uses it to store her deceased cheefle's leash, as well as the small vial containing a few of Flit's feathers. From Xanth's Grotto '08.
  • Cheefle Leash
    Made from black leather, the harness attached to it is unbreakable and 'unwriggleable.' From Xanth's Grotto '08.
  • Cookie Box
    A novelty box that has the vague shape of an anyeli. It is painted various shades of white and lilac. It used to contain anyeli-shaped gingerbread cookies, but they have long since been eaten. It is now used to hold any spare xanthai that Naava might have. From Xanth's Grotto '08



  • Painting: Still Life: Amateur
  • Painting: Portraits: Amateur
  • Sketching: Still Life: Proficient
  • Sketching: Portraits: Amateur
  • Anyeli: Fluent
  • Elysian: Fluent
  • Sylvan: Basic


  • Flit Now deceased
    Species: Cheefle
    Gender: Female
    Age: About 1
    Physical Description: Flit looks like a typical cheefle.
    Personality: Extremely energetic and curious, Flit has a strong tendency to get into and cause trouble.
    Distinguishing Features: None.

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:23 PM

Background & History

Family Details

    Father: Orion Makani (Anyeli [Apali Warrior], Deceased)
    Mother: Senerity Makani (Nymph [Nyad], Deceased)
    • Nymphadora Makani (Twin, Nymph/Anyeli [Ayad])
    • Keanu Makani (Nymph, Half-Brother, [Nyad])
    • Isabella Franchino (Unmet, Half-Sister, Anyeli/Nymph)

  • Evgenia (Birth - 8 years old)
  • Acheron Fort (8 - 16 years old)
  • Hesia (a few months at 17)
  • New Alexandria (17 - 19)
  • Cloud Palace (19 - Death)
  • Xanth's Temple (During Shade-dom)
  • Cloud Palace (Revival - Present)

Family History

Naava's father served in the Apali army, and met her mother during his placement on Acheron's Tear. They married not long after wards, due to her mother becoming pregnant with both Naava and Nymphadora. Senerity and Orion loved each other and had a generally happy marriage, but when Naava was 13 Orion never returned from a mission and was declared killed in action. Three years later Naava went out on her Nymph rite of passage and almost a year into it Naava's mother died in childbirth with her illegitimate daughter Isabella who was promptly taken away by family Naava knew nothing about. Naava was found and had to stop her rite to care for Keanu, thus never being allowed to bond with her element.

Personal History

Naava had never had a good relationship with her father, but when her mother whom she adored died during childbirth, Naava stopped her rite of passage to care for Keanu, her younger brother who was only ten years old at the time. The next six years were tough for her as she raised Keanu on her own, avoiding her home town due to the social shame of not being able too finish her rite and the stigma of how her mother had died. When Keanu left on his own rite of passage, Naava was able to finish her initiation into the Skotadi caste of the Anyeli, thus fully relinquishing herself of both her mother and father's histories.

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 07 February 2010 - 03:49 AM

Roleplay History


    Idol: Dazadi
    Misses: Keanu
    Likes: Piper, Valitia, Dracos
    Positive: Kioni, Isabel, Xanth, Lazuli
    Neutral: Sabrina, Aiden, Nicolay, Calin, Tarek
    Negative: Eivyonydd, Calanthiel
    Dislikes: Euphenia, Suka, Nymphadora, Xanth

Past threads in reverse (IC) chronological order
Last updated: At some point in 2007

Naava vs. Dora
Zephyr's Weapons
Naava's Faction Initiation
The Purple Rosebush
The Salon
The Courtyard
Piper's Boutique
The Empire State Building

Below this, Naava was a shade

The Purple Rosebush
The Halloween Extravaganza
Derby Cemetary
Dr. Hallie Burke - Mystical Healer
Ryana's Home, #5 Fox Street
The Riverbank

Anything below this was on the old site and is not logged

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 15 March 2010 - 01:56 PM


Packs Used: Starter (5/5) & Heroic (15/15)
Posts Used: 180* (10)

* 2 upgrades purchased half price during July 2010
** free from Xanth Day 2010

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 09 June 2010 - 04:51 AM



Credits: Aethereality, EraserX, Dafont, and Jessica Alba

Signature Images

Credits: Aethereality, EraserX, Dafont, and Jessica Alba

Forum Icons/Photos

Credits: Piper's Boutique, Jessica Alba

Layout Banners

Credits: Piper's Boutique, Aethereality, Dafont, Ca-pris, Drawing, ShakeItUp, Obsidian Dawn, Mutsie, butterfly, Jessica Alba, Cartographer's Guild, Princess, Chipmunk, Wings

Other Art

Credits: The Doll Palace


Credits: Aethereality, EraserX, Dafont, Chipmunk, Morena Baccarin, Ryan Reynolds, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Jessica Biel

Piper's Boutique + Jessica Alba


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Posted 16 June 2010 - 05:36 AM

Challenges - A Day in My Life

“Ugh, I'm up, I'm uuuuuuup!” I groan as my arm flails about on the nightstand. “Pleeeeeeease be quiet!"” I plead as I blindly search for my COM. I grab on to something furry and squeeze thinking it's the case to my rather elusive COM. Furry object is in fact Flit. I had almost forgotten how sharp Flit's teeth are, or how high she squeaks when squeezed. Almost. I mean, it's been almost a week since she broke out of her cage in the middle of the night to chew through an entire sack of nuts.

Well, now that I'm awake I may as well get up and stop myself from bleeding. I should probably locate where Flit's scurried off to at some point, too. I'm going to be late for aerial combat training again. “Oh well, Styx hates me anyways.” I tell myself as I run water that is far too cold over my bleeding hand. I shower, then bandage my wound before getting dressed and setting off on an epic twenty minutes chase after Flit. I finally corral the little troublemaker into the broken cage and weight the lid down with a box of art supplies. With any luck that box will still be there when I get back. I dig through my pantry for some fresh(ish) granola and locate some expensive fruit I bought from a vendor in New Alexandria who said it was from the "Occidental region of Earth," wherever that is. It was supposed to be a treat, but it doesn't actually taste any better than Elysian fruit. If anything it's worse. I frown a bit at my wasted xanthos before rushing out the door and diving from the flight balcony on my floor.

I arrive 45 minutes late and Styx practically kills me with how loudly he yells. My penance is to fly 45 laps around the entirety of the training area, performing an aerial attack with my Katars at the end of each lap. Styx adds a lap every time he sees me land. I learn quickly to land where he cannot see me. It takes me 3 hours longer than the class is supposed to take to complete this. I still do not have a job, however, so it's not like there is anywhere for me to be. By the time I land the final blow Styx lets me leave, warning me to not be late tomorrow.

I head back to my room and realize I must decide between flying up to my floor, or walking the stairs. It's nine stories. I decide to fly rather than climb, despite my wings feeling like they will fall off at any moment. My legs are just as tired, however, from having to make so many running take-offs. I can't wait until I am strong enough to take off more easily.

I let Flit out of her make-shift cage and am eternally grateful that it held. I head into the bathroom and take the critter's food and water with me so that she is forced to follow and remain in the more confined room until I am ready to leave. I spends the next three hours sitting on the chair in my shower with my wings jutting out so that they don't get too wet. I can fly with the feathers weighted down with water, but with how sore they are I consider it to be not such a good idea. Instead I soak two towels in warm water and drape them around the bases of my poor and abused wings.

After countless hours in the water I emerge, my body still aching from class, and pick out a nice dress to wear. It's winter time so the Palace is even more freezing than normal, and even the temperate land of Alexshire is chilly. I finally decide on not wearing a dress, and instead gingerly work my way into a violet turtleneck sweater and soft black pants. They fit my body nicely and show off some curves without too many. I like the feeling of the warm wool against my skin.

I quickly make a sandwich and eat it, as well as downing a cup of Heartlost tea. It's supposed to be for broken hearts, but I've found it comforting since I started to regain my memories. I make another sandwich and package it up for later, setting it on the counter with my other belonging before going to locate my pair of fur-lined boats. Once I find them I slide them onto my chilly feet happily before harnessing Flit and grabbing my dark purple bag that's decorated with soft white snowflake patterns. I quickly go along the counter in my home and grab all of the things that I'll need for the rest of the day (such as my sketch pad, pencils, food for Flit, and what small amount of xanthos I have still set aside for free spending this month).

I decide that walking down the stairs is less taxing than flying down to the portal, and ease my way down the spiral staircase that goes through the center of my tower. After a while I make it down and then I trek to the portal. Today I head to Hesia rather than Alexshire. I want to try my hand at sketching the statue there of Stolos Mnester. He was a legendary Anyeli peacekeeper who founded that town as a refuge for anyone who wished to stay there. Hesia's such a peaceful town and holds no bias towards anyone. There's also this cute little trinkets store with all sorts of figurines of all the various species in Elysia doing different things. I kind of want to buy the one they have of a hulking Rutilus picking flowers. It's just so cute!

I head down and make my way to the statue that's in the heart of the town, not far off from the portal actually. The feel is similar to that of the quadrangle in New Alexandria, except much less tranquil. It's not really secluded, but there is a lovely garden there that is tended by the residents of the town. I find a nice spot to settle down and secure Flit's leash to my ankle before beginning to draw.

Several hours pass and I finally finish my detail sketch of the statue's pose. It's Stolos flying down out of the way of a stream of arrows with an infant in his arms. It's a really moving scene and I hope I'm doing it justice. I walk down to the waterside with Flit to eat dinner on the docks, watching the belfrense leap into and out of the water as it grows ever darker. The fishermen are returning with the day's catch, ready to prepare it for sale.

Once I finish my sandwich I head back through the portal to the palace. The moment I'm there a cold wind hits me. It's started snowing since I left. Just great. That means Styx will be wanting to do arctic combat in the morning if enough sticks. MY wings are more rested now so I decide to fly up to my room. I get a few odd looks as I fly upwards through the snow, but the extra weight only slows me down a bit.

Once I'm in my room I prepare a cup of hot chocolate and change into my warm flannel pajamas, rather than a silky night gown. Realizing I forgot to get Flit a new cage decide to leave her on the harness and tie the lead to a column in the room, also leaving the cage open. Thankful for the heat of my pajamas and the chocolate, I snuggle down into bed and slowly drift to sleep.

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Posted 01 July 2010 - 06:07 AM

Challenges - The Legend of Echo Orestes

Naava sat in the library of the Cloud Palace gazing in awe at the large mural before her. A small metal plaque to the side of it entitled the painting The Battle of Dardanos. The picture featured three large volcanoes and two clearly divided anyeli armies. The groups featured weren't huge, but the black and white figures in the background granted leave to the thought that there were many more warriors involved here than just the squadrons in the main focus.

“Are you interested in the story of this battle?” a fatherly old man said as he walked up next to the Skotadi and gazed at the painting as well.

“Oh... well... uhm... actually... yes,” Naava finally managed to say, a little stunned by the stranger's sudden conversation.

“It's a strange on, that, occurred some five hundred years ago. After the Zanaryan Hundred Year war, but before the real-wide war,” the man started as he turned and walked towards a couch that was set out for reading. There was a "shhh" sound heard and the pair took note to lower their voices. The man was a skotadi, and had definitely seen many things in his life given how old he looked he must have been at like 700 years old, probably more.

“But... why were they fighting in Dardanos? What's there?” Naava interupted, her curiosity running away with her.

“For bithanium, a mineral that grows off of the roots of pyrevein deep in the belly of the Sisters. The skotadi had built an outpost there, and were harnessing the mineral in order to augment our weapons with it, and the apali didn't like that so they went out to destroy the base. Now don't interrupt me again!” the man said fairly impatiently, raising his voice at the end. This raise in volume goaded the librarian to shush the pair once again. Naava knew little about the mineral except for it's generally manichean aspects of being both potentially healing, as well as possibly being terribly poisonous depending on how it was employed.

“As I was saying, the apali set out to destroy the skotadi stronghold. I know, this is different from the stories you usually hear about us underhanded skotadi destroying the holier-than-thou apali,” the obviously embittered veteran said with aggravated bathos in his tone. “But, those apali are more underhanded than they'd like you to think. They came at the height of the day when shadows were sparse and you were hard pressed to even spot a penumbra,” he explained, looking back on the painting.

Now that she was looking at it again, Naava could see the sun setting in the background. “Don't interrupt!” the man said just as Naava was about to open her mouth to ask about it. “Now, where was I, oh, yes, the attack. The apali assault was led by General Aglaia Telemachus. She was a keen tactician and planned according to the weakness of our caste, a lack of shadows. Midday at the height of summer... oh yes, she was a derisive one.” the man continued reminiscently, as if he had been her swain or something.

“I can't even fathom how Echo Orestes felt seeing that force of white-winged vermin flying up the volcano side. Nor can I imagine how she managed to fight them all off for so long.” The man's voice trailed off for a moment as he reflected. Naava had deduced by now that this man had to have been in Dardanos during the battle to have such strong feelings and memories about the event.

“Somehow Echo managed to rally everyone in the outpost to fight, even getting those flimsy Peacekeepers to do their part and heal the fallen skotadi wherever they could. They fought for hours, enduring light blasts and photonic assaults at every turn, until the shadows finally started to grow. That's when the tide turned, that moment painted there,” the still nameless man said as he leaned back and pointed at the mural.

“That's when everything turned and Echo's plan fell into full swing. She somehow managed to get two dozen of the best shadow-workers to weave their skills together and for a... scoop of some sort. They lifted that scoop into the bubbling magma of the Sisters and then slowly raised it to pour it onto the apali scum who were attacking. It worked, and those apali who weren't killed began to retreat. Except...” A sudden pain shot through the man's eyes.

“... except what?” Naava asked, now literally suspended on the edge of her seat.

“Volcanoes... they're tricky things... The sudden removal of all that magma... set something off. The volcanoes... they all went off. Echo saw it coming and immediately sent out the retreat signal. She didn't retreat herself, though, no, she proceeded to fly well past what she should have been able to and carry injured skotadi after injured skotadi to safety. She saved at least half a dozen people single-handedly before no one saw her come back with another one.” Tears were building in the eyes of both anyeli as they sat there together. Both remained silent for a time until the man spoke again.

“My sister died in that battle, but thanks to Echo I did not. I will never forget her sacrifice, which is why I make sure to tell the story and do things like paint that picture there in her memory. Out of the at least one hundred of us in that outpost, only around two dozen or so survived, but none of us would have made it without the guidance of Echo Orestes,” the man concluded before standing and walking back into the library as if telling this story was entirely routine for him.

Naava paused for a moment and then went back to the plaque next to the mural. Upon reading the rest of it, she smiled sadly. It read "Dedicated to those lost and saved under the command of Echo Orestes. Painted and donated by Theron Orestes."

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Posted 12 July 2010 - 03:21 PM

PLEASE NOTE: The following post is rated R (17+) for graphic content.

Lifelines 1 - "Broken"

“Just close your eyes and count to 200,” I told myself, silently attempting to reassure myself. “It’ll all be over by then,” I lied to myself as I tried to remove myself from the situation. The word dystopic doesn’t even begin to describe the utter hell I went through.

Every day I’d put myself out there, lying about my age to anyone that asked. Lying to Keanu about what I was really doing each night that I came home. Locking myself into my room each and every night – when I had one, that is – to cry myself to sleep.

Over time I learned how to fake it. I learned how to make it look good – how to make it be good. I learned how to make money the only way I could think of; and I learned how to do it well. But worst of all, I learned how to deal with it. Until that day, that is…

He looked like all the others – scum in my eyes, each and every one – but he wasn’t. He was far from it. That night changed who I was forever; and what I wouldn’t do to completely forget that it ever happened.

“I thought I was getting a Nymph!” he shouted when he saw my wings. “What the censored is this?!” his anger and volume made me wince as I looked away from him. Only out of the corner of my eye did I see his hand come up just before I went down. “You censored censored! I’ll teach you to censored with a guard!” he roared as rage poured from his mouth. Pinning me to the ground, he proceeded to attack me.

“You censored halfer.” He breathed into my ear before snapping both of my wings like twigs. I shouted in pain only to once again have the back of his hand meet my face. “You’re getting what you deserve, halfer! Now take it!” he screamed, a sick smile playing on his face as he hurt me.

In the end he dumped me in some side alley battered, broken, and bleeding. I don’t know why, but I clung to life silently as I bled for half an hour before someone found me and called a local apothecary. I would spend the next month of my life ‘healing’ inside that building. But that’s another tale all together.

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Posted 12 July 2010 - 08:39 PM

Lifelines 2 - "Imprisoned"

Today had started like any other day. I woke up in the beaten up old house I was able to procure for us in Alexshire. It's a shabby old place to call home, but it's all I can afford for the moment. And hey, at least Keanu and I have that now. We've been essentially living on the road for the last two months. After mom died almost a year ago, I was advised to go to Hesia, that they'd take care of us there, but I won't let that orphanage anywhere near my baby brother. Especially not with how old he is now. It's bad enough that they took Mom's new born away before I could get back... They said that I wouldn't be able to take care of an infant. That my body wasn't developed enough yet.

Of course I wasn't developed enough yet. I was barely seventeen.

Being a half-nymph on your own isn't an easy thing to do. Thankfully Keanu was born without wings due to one of my mother's extra-marital relationships. However, the fact that mom was exiled from Nymph culture when I was what, eight? Meant that we no longer had any reliable ties in the nymph community. Spending the next eight years in Acheron's Fort wasn't so perfect, either. People didn't always respond well to half-breeds, especially when you're mother's an outcast and you look like an Anyeli but age so much faster than one. By the time I was sixteen I was already a teenager, whereas the other children I'd played with when we moved there still looked (and acted!) like kids.

At sixteen mom sent my twin sister, Dora, and I off to her old commune in Evgenia. She said not to give our surname, to conceal our wings, and that they would not hold her banishment against us now. Dora resisted at first, but with our father already dead and the way the two of us aged so quickly... there was no guarantee that we would be able to make it in Anyeli training. I didn't resist at all because, of course, I wanted nothing more than to be exactly like my mother... except for the getting banished part. I admired her kindness and compassion, and idolized her command over water. I also deeply respected that she would stand up for what she knew to be right... even though it ended up in her losing everything she held dear.

Well, anyways she was right. The Naneth of Evgenia accepted us and allowed us to take on the rite of passage. But... a year into the rite... mother died in childbirth. A messenger was sent to find us and they eventually found me first after many, many days of searching. I had no choice but to prematurely end my rite in order to care for Keanu. By that time mother had already been buried according to Anyeli custom. Our home in the fort still remained and we lived there for a time... but neither Keanu nor I could stand the looks, or the pity. Also, being grey-winged made it extremely difficult to find work there, as most of the fort revolved around the soldiers living there. We were only lucky enough to have housing still as mother was the widow to an Apali soldier.

As the funds my family had saved dwindled, Keanu and I took our leave of the anyeli outpost. The peering eyes and judgmental looks were just too much to bear. It took a lot of traveling... but eventually we did end up at Hesia. It was beautiful, and people were helpful, but it was not where I wanted to be. Every night there I awoke from a nightmare that they had forced me to give up Keanu because it was "in my best interests." It was driving me crazy. Having still not heard from Dora I assumed that the messenger had stopped looking for her after he'd found me, and so I took Keanu and we headed toward New Alexandria through the portal.

It was so hard to find a job. The only things I could find that would hire me did not pay enough to feed, clothe, and house two people. Especially not a growing sidhe! I resorted to the only thing I knew I could sell to make enough... and then I stole whatever else I needed. It wasn't difficult after the first few months, I found, and New Alexandria allowed for plenty of customers and marks alike. But eventually the city guard started to notice me... probably because I managed to make off with a sack full of xanthos that belonged to one of the captains. The law men hold terrible grudges.

Without the funds, or the desire, to uproot Keanu and I once again and move to another place, I did the next best thing. I stopped hiding my wings and jumped through the portal to the Cloud Palace. There I could pull off the orphan-of-war routine and then when some kind-hearted fool pitied me enough to drop a xanthos or two I'd slyly make off with their entire purse. It might seem wrong, but you try living on a loaf of bread, and nothing else!, for a week and then see what you'll be willing to do to make it stop.

Well, as I said, today had started off like any other day. I woke up, pulled together something to eat for Keanu, and then headed off to "work." Of course Keanu doesn't know what I do. He's barely twelve, he wouldn't understand. He knows enough to take care of himself during the day, and we get by just fine. With any luck he'll be able to head off on his rite of passage in four years and I'll be able to pull my life together. Anyways, I headed off to the portal to try and scrounge up enough to get through a few more days. I swear, not enough people carry around large sums of cash on their bodies, and jewelry is so much harder to swipe cleanly.

After I made it to the palace, I made it through a few people and was only able to swipe a poultry twenty-five xanthos. I decided to stop trying to get trainees, and go for someone who looked a little more... important. I spotted a skotadi general who looked vaguely familiar and headed up to him. A quick bump, "a thousand apologies" spiel, and then I started in explaining how I was "just trying to get to work, you see, I have five siblings to feed and make only five xanthos a day" and he seems to take it hook line and sinker. he reaches into a satchel and pulls out a couple coins and tosses them to me. I then do a stern assessment of how his bag's secured to his belt and discreetly follow him to the best of my ability.

Apparently I wasn't very discreet, as the moment I tried to snag his money and turned and grabbed my wrist.

“Five siblings, eh? More like five fingers!” he said, dragging me forward to a guard. “You, there, take this pickpocket to a cell! That's an order!”

And so of course the guard did as he was told and I was dragged away to this dank, musty, ancient dungeon. I'm not really sure which tower I'm under, or if I even am under one, but if I am it's probably the tower controlled by the Skotadi, seeing as that's the faction I just censored. I really hope all those stories they used to tell us in Acheron when I was younger are just stories. I would hate to have my body gnawed to bits by a horde of shadow carsers...

For now I guess I'm just waiting... I haven't been able to find an escape route just yet... Hopefully I'm not here for too long, because Keanu's waiting for me to come home. He needs me... I'm all he has left.

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